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First Line Software recently attended two of the largest technology conferences held in the world: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and CeBIT 2017 in Hannover Germany.

During these events, representatives of First Line Software held more than 50 business meetings. What resulted is this – initial conversations have transitioned into the preparation of proposals by First Line to engage on development projects with several prospects.

Vladimir Litoshenko, head of development in EU countries for First Line Software, shared his observations about what was top-of-mind with attendees: “There is a strong demand for IT engineers and companies that provide high quality services associated with specialized software development in Europe. Many of the prospects we spoke with expressed solid interest in solutions and systems for smart city projects and also mobile apps for financial and technology startups.”

Continuing, Litoshenko commented about his overall impression of the events: “In addition to offering an inviting environment for networking and meetings with prospects, the Mobile World Congress and CeBIT events provided opportunities to discover the most interesting new technologies and to listen in on dynamic presentations by global IT vendors.”

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is one of the largest events of its kind where companies showcase the latest technology products in the mobile and IoT markets. With over 108,000 attendees from 208 countries and territories, the February eventfocused onhow mobile is the force behind every emerging innovation - The Next Element.

CeBIT is the largest exhibition in the world of new computing technologies where new mobile and wearable products are presented every year. Out of the more than 200,000 participants from 70 countries at this years’ event, 51% were decision-makers and 2,000 attendees were CIOs. The focus at the CeBIT conference in March was on digitalization and its impact on both the economy and consumers.



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