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First Line Software and the Innovation Center of Leiden University have jointly developed a fake news detection service named CredibleU. The system analyzes Twitter links and compares them with the addresses of web-sites known to be compromised. If a similarity is detected, a user will receive an automatic notification that the information he or she wants to share could be from a questionable source. They will be advised to confirm the story via other sites before sharing the news with their social networks.

The prototype of CredibleU has already been built and a full version of the system is under development. The service will be available as a free bot for Twitter in 2018.

 Ulrich Mans, Curator of the Innovation Center HumanityX of Leiden University had this to say:

"Fake news is something many people are concerned about. In November of 2017, the Collins Dictionary editorial office named “fake news” as the word of the year. The frequency of use of these words grew by 365% over the last year, according to Collins. The CredibleU service can help politicians and Internet users detect such news on social platforms. The software development work is being completed by First Line Software, technology partner of Leiden University. The company often does work quickly through the use of agile methodologies."

Innovation Center HumanityX of Leiden University is located in Hague, the Netherlands. It is a project of Leiden University, one of the oldest European universities, which was founded in 1575. HumanityX develops digital solutions and services for peace and justice all over the world.

Vladimir Litoshenko, head of development, First Line Software:

“We developed the algorithm which can detect, research, and confirm fake news. Cooperation with the Innovation Center of Leiden University has been a great experience. We were excited to collaborate on the development of a service which presents the opportunity to apply modern technologies and innovational practices for peaceful purposes that lead a more informed and knowledgeable society.”

Collaborating with the Innovation Center of Leiden University has been a great experience. We were excited about the opportunity to utilize modern technologies and innovative practices for the development of a service intended for peaceful purposes – that can lead a more informed and knowledgeable society.”


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