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Early in November Nick Puntikov, First Line CEO, together with 7 other experts from Japan, US, Canada, UK, Lithuania, Russia and Nigeria responded to a number of questions about newsworthy developments in their regions along with the latest regulatory changes. Interestingly enough, Nick was the only expert invited to participate – who is not a practicing attorney.

Nick Puntikov Virtual round table

You might be wondering why Nick? There are probably a few interesting highlights of Nick’s bio that you may not be aware of. In addition to being the Chairman and CEO of First Line Software, Nick is the founder and the editor-in-chief of Software-Russia.com, an international web portal promoting Russian software industry in global markets, and the Chairman of CEE-SECR, the largest independent software engineering conference in Eastern Europe. Since 2003 Nick is an Аctive Board Member of RUSSOFT – the Russian national association of software developers. He is also a committed advocate for the development of the Russian innovative ecosystem.

This roundtable is one in a series of virtual round tables produced by CorporateLiveWire, a news site that provides business professionals and individuals in the corporate finance sector with information on the latest news and developments from around the globe.

The following are three of the questions directed to Nick and his responses:

What Problems Do You Foresee Relating To Wearable Tech, 3D Printing And Other New Technologies?

Nick P: Why problems? I would rather talk about opportunities and related challenges. The new technologies conquer the markets with dizzying intensity. The window of opportunity is so wide that (unfortunately?) too many people try to enter it, without proper level of expertise and professionalism. I see this as the biggest challenge. The software engineering industry has yet to overcome inertia and restructure itself in a way that fundamental issues, such as reliability, security, and robustness, are addressed in standard solutions and platforms made available to all interested and willing to develop applications.

Can You Talk Us Through The Development & Approval Process For New Products Entering The Market?

Nick P: Interestingly, there is not much different in this process today despite the abundance of vendors in the market. The years when technology dictated the process are in the past. With today’s options of technology enablement, the market defines the process: (i) rapid development of the MVP, (ii) throwing it into the market (iii) monitoring traction and collecting feedback, (iv) deciding on viability, and either throwing it away or publishing first releases as soon as possible. And further on: the loop starts again. I do not see an alternative, at least, as long as we speak about computer software.

What Key Trends Do You Expect To See Over The Coming Year And In An Ideal World What Would You Like To See Implemented Or Changed?

Nick P: I have little doubts in this regard. Following IoT, which is mostly focused on consumer market, Industrial internet is the name of the next revolution. There is so much to do in a variety of fields, starting with ‘hard’ industries (such as manufacturing and natural resources) and ending with ‘soft’ sectors (such as education and health care), with all kind of logistics in the middle (transport, warehouse, etc.). In an ideal world, sensors and beacons shall cover the Globe and data analysis shall drastically change the efficiency of almost everything. But in the real world, it would be good enough if in 2016 a mere realisation of this revolution were achieved across all sectors of the economy.

If you are interested in reading all of the round table questions and responses, click here.

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David Tedford

Vice President

David Tedford has over 20 years of sales experience within the IT/software industry. He excels at being immersed in a customer's environment, understanding his customers requirements, crafting solutions to meet those requirements, and ultimately providing solutions to his customers.

Vladimir Litoshenko

Senior Vice President

As the head of business development for First Line Software, Vladimir heads up business development in Western Europe and Russia.

Vladimir began his career in IT in 2002, when, as a student of Faculty of Automation of Computer Science of the First Electrotechnical University (ETU “LETI”), he began his work at The Morfizpribor Central Research Institute (CRI). Vladimir joined the StarSoft team (predecessor of First Line Software) in 2004 as a Junior Software Developer. As he gained experience with more and more projects, he was promoted to leadership roles.

Richard Leslie

UK Business Development

Richard has over 15 years of sales and account management expertise in the IT and Tech sector. He has worked on many outsourcing engagements with global companies.

David Fien


David is a business development professional with more than 20 years’ experience as a specialist in the acquisition of partnerships and IT/software services for associations, not-for profits and corporations in Australia, New Zealand and USA. He has specific expertise in the healthcare, legal and hospitality industries.