First Line Software and Mendix Join Forces to Drive Innovation in Smart Infrastructure

Mendix Partnership

Stockholm, The Hague, January 2024 – First Line Software, a premier provider of software engineering, software enablement, and digital transformation advisory services, partners with Mendix, within the Siemens Xcelerator platform, a significant low-code leader according to Gartner’s magic quadrant. As part of a strategic initiative, we demonstrate how low-code can transform application development across diverse industries. This collaboration, rooted in a joint vision to drive innovation, addresses a diverse set of needs in multiple fields ranging from finance and healthcare to manufacturing. Mendix’s agility allows First Line Software to respond quickly to evolving market demands, customize solutions to their unique requirements, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

Low-code platforms such as Mendix leverage intuitive visual interfaces while employing drag-and-drop functionalities and straightforward logic, eliminating the need for multiple programming languages. These interfaces empower users, including professional developers and analysts, to develop diverse applications tailored to their specific needs.

“Together, Mendix and First Line Software are helping enterprises innovate and transform by dramatically reducing the time, effort, and risks of developing robust web and mobile applications,” said Mikael Kehler, Partner Manager Executive Nordics, “We are delighted to have this important partnership with First Line Software as we pioneer the next generation of low-code application development and deployment.”

In the realm of cloud-based data utilization, low-code platforms break down the barriers that impede employees from effectively harnessing insights by simplifying data access and facilitating user-friendly data visualization. These intuitive tools empower our clients’ workforce, allowing them to actively participate, share their perspectives, and contribute significantly to their organization’s success.

“Through the integration of contemporary low-code tools with digital twin technology, we can facilitate a secure environment for data engineers to collaborate effectively in enterprises”, said Marcus Portström, VP of Strategic Alliances at First Line Software.  

Addressing the significance of this collaboration, Marcus Portström, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunities presented by the convergence of IT and OT. “The integration of 5G technology unlocks immense potential in processing real-time data. As we harness this power to interconnect intricate industrial systems, we aim to set a new benchmark for smart, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure. Mendix proves invaluable when the rapid digital transformation of Operational Technology’s physical nature is essential, showcasing its exceptional value proposition in such scenarios.”

“First Line Software selected Mendix for its ability to deliver a blend of flexibility, agility, scalability, robustness, and security that perfectly aligns with its customers’ diverse requirements. Furthermore, the platform ensures access to prompt technical support and valuable educational resources. With Mendix, First Line Software is empowered to establish a competitive edge and accelerate time to value”, said Mikael Kehler, Partner Manager Executive Nordics.


About First Line Software

First Line Software is a leading force in providing software engineering, software enablement, and cutting-edge digital transformation consultancy services. Harnessing agile technologies, the company excels in delivering intricate projects across various sectors including healthcare (under the Clinovera brand), retail digitalization, warehouse management, e-commerce, AI and ML, cloud transformation, and comprehensive application support services—all integral components of its software enablement offerings. 

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About Mendix

In a digital-first world, customers want their every need anticipated, employees want better tools to do their jobs, and enterprises know that sweeping digital transformation is the key to survival and success. Mendix, the low-code engine of the Siemens Xcelerator platform, is quickly becoming the application development platform of choice to drive the enterprise digital landscape. Mendix’s industry-leading low-code platform, dedicated partner network, and extensive marketplace support advanced technology solutions that boost engagement, streamline operations, and relieve IT logjams. Built on the pillars of abstraction, automation, cloud, and collaboration, Mendix dramatically increases developer productivity and engages business technologists to create apps guided by their particular domain expertise. Mendix empowers enterprises to build apps faster than ever; catalyzes meaningful collaboration between IT and business experts; and maintains IT control of the entire application landscape. Consistently recognized as a leader and visionary by leading industry analysts, the platform is cloud-native, open, extensible, agile, and proven. From artificial intelligence and augmented reality to intelligent automation and native mobile, Mendix and Siemens Xcelerator are the backbone of digital-first enterprises. The Mendix low-code platform is used by more than 4,000 enterprises in 46 countries and has an active community of more than 300,000 developers who have created over 200,000 applications.

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