Generative AI

We specialize in building and delivering Gen AI technologies that optimize processes, increase productivity, and achieve competitive advantages.
Generative AI

Our Generative AI Services

Ideation Consulting

Take your ideas from concept to reality with our Generative AI ideation consulting. We test their feasibility through analyses and rapid prototyping, ensuring you address potential pitfalls and opportunities early on. Our tailored plans ensure seamless solution integration, minimizing disruption and maximizing impact.

Build and Deploy

Secure, scalable, and agile – we build solutions that fortify your data and exceed industry benchmarks. Our robust architecture is designed to flex and adapt with your evolving needs, ensuring your AI investment grows alongside your business. We employ an iterative development process, with continuous feedback and collaboration, guaranteeing a custom AI solution perfectly tailored to your specific goals and vision.

Evolution Support

Our commitment extends beyond implementation with dedicated expert support that ensures your project delivers continuous value. We proactively monitor performance, fine-tuning it for optimal results. You will receive regular updates and enhancements, keeping your AI solution at the forefront of technology and maximizing its impact for years to come.

Our Toolkit for Success

Azure AI Studio

  • Low-code & Data Engineering: Design and build custom AI solutions tailored to your precise needs. Drag-and-drop functionality streamlines development, even without extensive coding expertise.
  • Modular Architecture: Craft modular AI components and easily integrate them into existing workflows for seamless scalability and adaptation

Retrieval Augmented Generation

  • Orchestrated Data Feed: RAG intelligently gathers data from various sources, enriching your AI models with the most relevant information, and enhancing their accuracy and performance.
  • Collaborative Learning: Foster knowledge sharing between multiple datasets, promoting continuous learning and evolution within your AI systems.

Honing Large Language Models

  • Domain-Specific Optimization: Leverage pre-trained LLMs and adjust them to excel in your specific domain, ensuring your AI understands and responds to your unique context.
  • Enhanced Comprehension & Interaction: Tailor the LLMs’ language processing abilities to flawlessly adapt to your specific use cases and communication style.

Semantic Kernel Integration

  • Bridging the Gap: For advanced tasks beyond Azure AI and RAG’s capabilities, Semantic Kernel seamlessly connects your custom AI solutions with your existing systems and tools.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Maintain unified data analysis and model execution, optimizing resource utilization and promoting operational efficiency.

Generative AI Work Highlights

Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Data & AI partner badges

Microsoft Solution Partner
Data & AI, Azure

First Line Software is a Certified Gold Microsoft Partner in Application Development, Digital Advertising, and Application Integration since 2010, and Microsoft Solution Partner in Data & AI Azure since 2023.

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See how our Microsoft Copilot package can help

Our First Line Team has been doing a great job. All of the guys check in great code, and they have a forward thinking mindset, not a feature-to-feature approach. They are also very open in terms of sharing knowledge, which is critical to running productive distributed teams.
Application Development Director, Global Marketing Company

Accelerated Gen AI Excellence

First Line Software has been a leader in the most advanced ways of software development for decades. Our engineers, who helped pioneer the significant milestones of Agile, Public Cloud, and DevSecOps, are now immersed in Gen AI-empowered software development. By adopting this cutting-edge technology into our processes, First Line Software’s teams can develop exceptional software faster, while maintaining top-level quality. We are constantly adopting the best Gen AI tools available, as well as creating our own Gen AI tools to accelerate our client’s technology excellence and shorten their time-to-market. That means our clients see better results, sooner.

Gen AI is a revolutionary productivity amplifier, we can show you how it can work for your business. The Gen AI marathon has already started- let us help you set the pace. We aim to find the perfect, custom fit for your company for the long haul.

Ask Our Generative AI Expert

Nikolay Moskalev

Nikolay Moskalev

Solution Architect

Nikolay Moskalev brings over 17 years of expertise in software development, cloud architecture, AI, and team leadership to the table. He thrives in building trusting client relationships through on-site collaboration and excels at delivering solutions that solve both short- and mid-term challenges. Equipped with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, Nikolay is a valuable asset for any team seeking a results-oriented and technically proficient professional.

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