Automation Testing Services

Automate, Accelerate, Assure: High-Quality Software Through Expert Testing
Automation testing services

Automation Testing Services deliver cost-efficiency throughout the development process. Automation testing by our expert team increases the client’s ability to deliver new features quickly, without wasting time finding the right solutions. By enhancing velocity and capacity development through supporting the Quality Assurance team, we help clients deliver consistently high-quality software – while avoiding the impact of scope creep often found in manual testing.

Alex Meshkov, QA Lead

Facing Challenges with Your Current Testing Approach?

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Your current automation solution doesn’t work properly
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Spent a lot of money on automation testing solutions and don’t see any of the advantages
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Reflect on reducing your manual testing cost and accelerate the testing process
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Wish to enhance the velocity and capacity testing team to deliver more features to the client without bugs

Then our automation testing services will:

Accelerate Testing Cycles: The main value of automation testing is reducing the time of test activities, and boosting the development team’s velocity and capacity.  Our experience shows that automation testing is able to reduce testing time more than 3-5 times.

Enhance Cost Efficiency: The implementation of automation testing allows businesses to significantly reduce the costs of software testing by 30-50% using modern technologies such as AI tools and approaches.

Improve Quality of Services: All users want quality services. Automation testing can reduce the risk of missing critical bugs in production by increasing the test coverage rate and minimizing the human factor risks in project implementation. 

We are experts in

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We are ready to offer

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Test automation as a service

It’s the right offer if you want to start using automation testing.

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Enhanced automation expertise in the client’s team

If you need just some experts to enhance your current automation team.

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Test automation consulting

If you want advice on the next step in your test automation evolution.

Your Automation Testing Expert

Alexander Meshkov

Delivery QA Director at First Line Software

Alexander Meshkov is QA Delivery Director at FLS. Alexander has over 10 years of experience in software testing, organization of the testing process, and test management. A frequent attendee and speaker of diverse testing conferences, actively engages in discussions and keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the field.


Ilia Blaer, Director Of Operations at First Line Software

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