First Line is an Episerver Premium Partner, the world’s fastest growing provider of Web Content Management (WCM) and online community platforms.

Episerver CMS is a high-performance, highly scalable .NET-based product that is an excellent choice for high volume, large size online media assets. EPiServer provides editors and business users with powerful capabilities, such as intuitive content management, social media and branded online communities, campaign management and e-mail marketing, e-Commerce, search engine optimization, and integration with other systems, including MS SharePoint or Salesforce.com.

As a Premium Partner, First Line specializes in implementing complex backend content management environments for large online media, fine-tuned for maximum productivity.

We have also developed a proprietary methodology for rapid transition of existing online assets to Episerver CMS, including migrating very large volumes of content. This methodology leaves the original look and feel and the URL structure intact, providing editors with the full range of Episerver’s online engagement capabilities while preserving familiarity and ease-of-use and maximizing SEO benefits at the same time.

We are capable of taking on the most complex web development projects involving Episerver customization. For large websites, we can integrate the Episerver-based backend with other systems and applications (e.g. external search service, text messaging module, ad delivery service, iPhone/iPad apps or any sales and marketing functionality). If the functionality the client needs is not supported by Episerver out of the box, we will develop and deploy custom plugins.

Over the last several years, we have built a dedicated Episerver Center of Excellence, whose goal is to serve business who rely on Episerver products to power their online presence and customer engagement. First Line is a premier regional Episerver development specialist, with over 100 qualified Episerver consultants, including 34 Episerver Certified Developers—the largest number in Eastern Europe.

If you are considering a large web development project, with hundreds of thousands of pages and/or tens of thousands of daily visitors, contact us to discuss how Episerver and First Line can help.

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