Digital Event: How to assemble WMS/MES/ERP to increase efficiency

November 18, 2021, a virtual discussion: How to Modernize Warehouse Operations

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On November 18, 2021, First Line Software, in collaboration with Digital Panel, hosted a virtual discussion: How to Modernize Warehouse Operations. Assembling a puzzle to improve your production efficiency.

It was an opportunity for experts in the warehouse and manufacturing industry business area to share their experience on how to build a successful triangular puzzle with Warehouse Management Systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning platforms to create a harmonious and maximum efficiency production line. Industry experts gave their insights and productive takeaways to different organizations.

Key learning outcomes

Digital panel is a video-based virtual event for logistics, IT, manufacturing industry, and supply chain leaders from enterprises across the globe. Here are some of the points discussed in the roundtable:

  • How to successfully expand WMS trends increasing customer expectations/individualization
  • Description of some of the  challenges while  optimizing warehouse processes
  • How the Netherlands compares to the rest of Europe when it comes to digitalization 
  • How automated systems increase capacity across all levels of operations  
  • The importance of software implementation before contemplating hardware requirements and upgrades
  • Connecting your software solution with your WMS to optimize material flow

Session experts 

  • Head of Warehouse Automation, First Line Software 
  • Erik Bleeker One Piece Flow project manager
  • KONI Harald Göbel COO, viastore WMS 
  • Kevin Mahler, COO VACOM 
  • Jeroen van den Berg, Published author and WMS consultant, JVDB consulting

On behalf of First Line Software, the Head of Warehouse Automation presented his WMS software implementation expertise.  With over 20 years of experience, he is an expert in pre-project consulting, business analysis, problem formulation, development of technical specifications, modeling, and implementation of warehouse management systems (WMS). He provides some tips on the importance of software before hardware.

Assembling ERP WMS MES puzzle to improve your production efficiency by 40%. How to get such great results? Contact us to learn more!

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