Webinar on remote warehouse automation

May 12, 2021. Head of WMS Practice shares First Line Software’s experience on remote warehouse automation

Remote Warehouse Automation

Join our free webinar 12th of May 2021 at 15:00 CET. How to remotely implement your Warehouse Management Solution

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Robotic warehouse automation with warehouse management system viastore WMS increases companies’ equipment efficiency up to 25%. With warehouse management system software viastore WMS companies process up to 20% more orders in less time viastore WMS pays off for your company


– Over 1,500 warehouse locations

– 1000 or more delivery note items per day

– 5 or more full-time employees in the warehouse

– from 300 orders per day

What you can achieve 

– Process more orders – up to 20%

– Increase your delivery capacity – by 25% or more

– Reduce your processing time – from weeks to hours

– Increase equipment efficiency – up to 25%

When you need this 

– Building new warehouse facilities

– Planning WMS implementation

– Upgrading your current warehouse system

– Do not have transparency in your intralogistics.

This event is over. Reserve your spot for future events

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