Application for a GPS-based Platform

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Our client is a company that develops, distributes, and implements end-to-end transport monitoring systems based on GPS. The satellite-tracking system monitors and analyses transport operations and the performance of custom machinery. The system also produces detailed trip and vehicle performance (routing, fuel consumption, etc.) reports for fleet managers and transport companies.

The Application

The newly-created extension gathers, analyzes, and converts the information into a visual format. It displays traffic routes and fuel consumption when an engine is in operational mode and while idling, etc.

The Product

Requirements for the extended platform included the development of a plug-in to analyze data collected from sensors that are installed on vehicles. In addition, it needed to record information about the vehicle movement, engine behavior, fuel consumption, and utilization of any specialty equipment (shovel dippers, cleaning vehicles’ scrubbers, etc.).

The Solution

The First Line Software team constructed and implemented methods for flattening and screening the data flow to accurately analyze non-standard operations.

For example, it was important to consider the following: if a vehicle stops in a traffic jam for a few minutes and the engine is shut off, the application should not report the vehicle as “parked”. 

An additional extension was developed as part of the project. An aggregating service connecting the platform data with the data received from Fitbits was created to promote driver wellness.

The Result

The project was completed and delivered to the client and is in full operation at this time. Client’s customers now can enjoy expanded and more accurate reports regarding their fleet operations. 

The Technological Stack

  • The extension was written using the .Net Framework 3.5. 
  • The Stimulsoft engine (a . NET-based reporting tool) was used to build the reporting functionality.
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