Customer’s Strategic Shift: Cloud Migration for Enhanced Operations

The Client

Our client leads the industry as a paperless management company, delivering top-tier document management and workflow solutions for businesses across all IT platforms. Drawing upon decades of experience, they seamlessly integrate with prominent enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enabling companies of all sizes to go paperless and see remarkable returns on investment (ROI) often within a year.

Strategic Alliance of Seamless Cloud Migration and Team Integration

Our client recognized the immense scope and investment required for a significant transformation, estimating the initial phase of the project’s cost at a minimum of $2 million. Acknowledging the challenge of managing such a colossal endeavor with their internal resources, they sought the expertise of First Line Software to navigate this complex implementation.

In the early stages of collaboration, beyond outlining project goals, a crucial need emerged: preparing the client’s team to adeptly operate the new system once the project concluded. This necessity led to a strategic partnership with First Line Software.

During the initial two-month phase, First Line Software focused on establishing seamless communication within the client’s team and nurturing trust among technical specialists. Through extensive engagement and in-depth technical interviews, a comprehensive strategy was formulated for the transformation and migration of their product to the cloud. This included a meticulous plan delineating project phases, steps, and a realistic roadmap for project development. Presenting this thorough review enabled the client to make a well-informed decision about project viability and its alignment with their business objectives.

Our Team

The project combined a team of 13 experts from First Line Software working alongside 6 developers from the client’s side, and the collaboration flourished effortlessly. Through detailed demos and collaborative efforts, both teams merged into a cohesive unit, ensuring a shared vision and unified approach.

Project Manager (1), Business Analyst (1), Cloud Architect (1), DevOps (2), Tech Lead (1), Backend engineers (4), QA engineers (3).

The Outcome

As the project advances toward its completion, the transition of full product management to the client’s control is imminent. This shift marks the successful culmination of a strategic partnership, empowering the client to manage their system autonomously without external support.

Key Achievements

  • Seamless cloud migration for optimized operations and scalability
  • Increased efficiency for the client and their end users
  • Empowering the client’s team through knowledge transfer and collaboration
  • Cost savings compared to internal execution

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