The Overview 

The client produces many pharmaceuticals that can only be purchased with a prescription. To ensure the healthcare practitioners in the region were routinely informed about these medicines, our client established a pool of specialists (doctors and pharmacists) within a company that was responsible for distributing information about new and existing pharmaceuticals of the clients. 

In order to better educate about its products, our client formed a doctors’ community for the Region. To facilitate community engagement and information-sharing, the client decided to create an online portal. 

The Solution 

The portal was designed to be a resource that provided information about our client’s pharmaceuticals and materials about various areas of medicine. It also provided a discussion forum so that doctors could discuss complicated medical cases. The portal was moderated by a pool of selected client specialists who were doctors and pharmacists. 

The project is an example of a turnkey solution. When developing this web resource, the First Line Software team was not only responsible for drafting the Terms of Reference and building the website; they also registered the domain name and arranged for portal hosting. 

The following modules were developed 

  • Informational – for posting materials and promoting upcoming events
  • Discussion – for users to express their opinions and ask questions
  • Administrative – for managing access to the portal and materials. 

The following tasks were completed during the project 

  • Business analysis
  • Drafting Technical Specification
  • UI design
  • Development Testing 
  • Domain registration, hosting set-up 
  • Ongoing maintenance. 

The Result

The project was completed within the client’s tight deadline, and all the requirements were met. The portal was actively used by doctors and pharmacists who were able to keep up to date on our client’s medications. They also exchanged information about how specific medical cases were managed – which portal participants then applied when treating their own patients who had the same medical conditions.

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