disease registry platform

The Client 

Our client is an innovative company that has developed a platform for rare disease registries. They build these registries and support related research in multiple countries. Each registry aggregates data from multiple sources including EHR and other systems. 

The internal operational patient data representation is based on the OHDSI OMOP/CDM open-source data model.

The client has also been developing an extensive technical and content management infrastructure, as well as the necessary metadata model and CDM extension in support of its business objectives.

The company has several teams spread over three continents working internally and with their customers. 

Engagement Scope and Details 

Our client has engaged First Line Software based on our extensive experience in Healthcare, and due to our unique OMOP/CDM expertise. 

In support of the client’s needs, we have assembled a multi-functional team that works in close contact with the leadership and the management using agile processes. 

As part of this engagement, we are working with a wide range of data-related and infrastructure tasks, including: 

  • The rapid evolution of a multi-tenant cloud-based interactive platform for data collection that supports workflows and logic for clinicians, patients, and researchers. 
  • Building an integration pipeline with Healthcare institutions that utilizes intelligent patient matching, data profiling, and data quality functions. 
  • Transformation and mapping of patient data from different EHR systems and legacy data sources to OMOP/CDM. 
  • Data modeling for numerous observational entities of high complexity in support of specific diseases and workflows. 
  • Development of clinical content management tools and infrastructure for collaboration of researchers and clinicians. 

Technical Implementation Highlights 

  • Cloud-based multitenant solution hosted in Microsoft Azure 
  • Technology stack: Single page architecture, Angular JS, Java Bootstrap, microservices, Microsoft SQL Server Database, Forgerock 
  • The integration pipeline is based on InterSystems HealthConnect infrastructure 
  • Intelligent patient matching using open-source machine learning software and algorithms 
  • Persistent storage in OMOP/CDM and extensions; shadow storage for UI is in JSON 
  • Data conversion from external sources in CCDA, FHIR, HL7, proprietary interfaces, and data formats to OMOP/CDM and JSON 


OMOP CDM is a Common Data Model open-source standard for the representation of observational data. It is used for clinical research based on Real World Evidence (RWE). It is supported and maintained by the OHDSI international community. 

The CDM allows users to generate evidence from a wide variety of sources. It has been widely adopted by life sciences companies, healthcare organizations, and research communities. It supports collaborative research across data sources around the globe. 

OMOP/CDM is also highly flexible and can accommodate extensions and custom entities outside of the standard set. 

First Line Expertise in OMOP/CDM 

First Line has an in-house team of analysts, medical informaticians, and engineers with deep expertise in OMOP/CDM who have been mapping and extracting observational data from a variety of data sources, modeling complex observational entities, and developing tools and applications around OMOP/CDM for research and analytics. 


  • SQL Server
  • Windows Azure
  • InterSystems
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular
  • Python

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