Enhancing Customer Relationships in the Medical Field

Healthcare Solutions

The Client

Our client’s cloud-based technology healthcare solutions company revolutionizes workflows for attorneys and healthcare providers, guiding patients efficiently through their recovery journey. Established in 2003 by physicians, the company addresses the challenges of manual processes in personal injury cases. 

Fostering Trust and Collaboration in the Medical Sector

The journey between First Line Software and our client, a digital agency, began with a request to migrate their client’s system to a more advanced platform. Initially, discussions centered on a white-label solution. They sought our expertise in sourcing an Angular developer to collaborate on migrating from an outdated platform to a more sophisticated one.

However, the First Line Software team gradually unearthed a core issue that didn’t solely reside in the old software, and it became evident that a fundamental reorganization of the platform’s operational structure was imperative.

The client, impressed by our team’s adept handling of tasks, technical proficiency, and ability to seamlessly communicate with managers, made a pivotal decision. They opted for direct communication between First Line Software’s developers and their client – a cloud-based technology healthcare solutions company to optimize workflows for attorneys and healthcare providers. The aim of this shift was to gain a  comprehensive understanding of the client’s internal processes and the nuances of their operations.

This marked ta new phase in the relationship among all project stakeholders and the shaping of work processes. Our team embarked on an in-depth analysis of the client’s processes, particularly within the health insurance platform. 

This evaluation led us to the realization that reexamining the initial request was essential. The crux of the issue lay not merely in migrating from the old to the new platform version, but in the fundamental arrangement of the platform’s functionality.

Gradually, the First Line Software team dived into the nuances of the client’s business, elucidating their ideas and proposing comprehensive solutions to the client. Our scope broadened to encompass both frontend and backend enhancements. We introduced contemporary deployment practices, restructured architecture, and streamlined API. We successfully fostered effective interaction between the business and technical representatives. Over the year, the First Line Software team grew from a solitary individual to a ten-member team. Our client recognized that First Line Software comprehended their needs, actively listened, and possessed the acumen to optimize the project budget to deliver an exemplary final product.

Our collaboration culminated in the establishment of a robust and self-sustaining system capable of autonomous operation, no longer reliant on constant oversight from First Line Software.

Our Team

Tech/Team Lead (1), Backend engineers (2), Frontend engineers (4), QA engineers (2), UI/UX designer(1). The uniqueness of this project lies in our technical lead’s progression—from initially joining as a Frontend engineer, evolving into a Fullstack developer, and subsequently taking on roles as a tech/team lead and analyst.

The Outcome

The outcome of our partnership was the creation of a high-quality interaction framework spanning all levels – from developers to top management. This resulted in an autonomously functioning system, a testament to the success of our joint efforts and expertise.

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