Mobile application for smartphone – smartcup interworking

Mobile Application for Smartphone Smartcup

Our client is a big international company, well-known coffee and spice manufacturer. The headquarters is based in the North Europe.

The Problem

Within the project framework it was required to develop a mobile app to synchronize the work of
a smartphone and an interactive coffee mug. The client produced the idea of the mug. A big e-ink
display is installed in the mug side; it is operated by the temperature of the liquid inside the mug.
Photos can be sent to the display and images from other users can be received as well. The mug
and the image are operated by a smartphone by means of the mobile app which was required.

The Solution

The mobile application is powered by three platforms: iOS, Android, and WindowsPhone. The
application synchronizes the devices over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol. It provides for
sending photos from the smartphone to the mug display or receiving photos and sending images
to other users’ mug displays.
Also a test app was developed for Android to test the mugs at the place of production.

The Results

The beta-batch of the interactive mugs is already tested by users worldwide. According to the
managers of the client company it is planned to continue the cooperation with further team

The Technological Stack 

  • iOS SDK, Objective-C, Android SDK, Java, Windows Phone SDK, C#, REST, JSON,
  • Server-side: Amazon WS, Java, PostgreSQL; Bluetooth 4.0

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