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Our client is a prominent law firm based in Montenegro with a wide range of legal expertise in housing law, construction, civil law, immigration and legalization, and business support.

Hampered by a lack of real-time visibility, data silos, and manual processes, our global client sought an ERP solution to unify their operations and seamlessly integrate business units.


This case study describes developing and implementing an AI-powered search engine application intended to search internal documents. The application enables quick and efficient information retrieval from large volumes of data, which is especially relevant for large companies, law firms, medical institutions, and other organizations where document management is integral to operations.


As the company grew and lawyer headcount increased, our client found the onboarding process increasingly time-consuming, particularly when introducing new hires to the client base. In addition, the sheer volume of information – internal documents, external regulations/laws, and court case descriptions – made information retrieval a challenge. Searching and analyzing information on just one document could take up to 15 minutes.


First Line Software developed an AI-powered search engine application with the following features:

  • Understands natural language

Based on AI frameworks and algorithms, the application understands the meaning of a user’s query. Leveraging AI, the system provides summaries of search results, generates detailed answers, and offers links to the original documents for quick access (load times typically under 10 seconds).

  • Searches various document types

The virtual assistant searches through PDF files, text documents, and other file types within your internal server. Users can find exactly what they need in seconds, even in the large document repositories that are common across many industries.

  • On-premise AI assistant 

This case study exemplifies how AI empowers law firms to manage numerous concurrent cases and folders. The technology streamlines information retrieval, making legal research significantly faster and more efficient. Simply describe a case or list specific legal codes to the virtual assistant, and the system will search your internal database to identify relevant past cases handled by your firm.

  • Provides detailed answers

By providing links to documents, the application draws information to generate short, informative answers and full versions of documents in a neighboring window. The search panel includes “search by name” and “search by tags” options. This application is more than just a chatbot—it can help you conveniently find a piece of information and is fully customizable based on customer requirements.

  • Integrates with other systems

The application can be integrated with various ERPs, including Odoo, chatbots, content management systems (CMS), and other enterprise applications and tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and more. With a convenient web interface, the application searches knowledge bases like Wikipedia, text data, and PDFs. The user can easily download the information they need from each of the pages identified by the application.  


  • Increased productivity: Lawyers find information faster. 
  • Reduced onboarding time: This solution handles routine search tasks, freeing up valuable resources to focus on building relationships, delivering exceptional service, and improving new lawyers’ quality of work. Reliable information is routinely delivered to users, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  • Increased security: Data confidentiality is ensured by retaining all information on a company’s server. 
  • Convenient interface: Users can easily navigate the application without extensive training. 
  • Seamless Integration: The solution touts simple integration with ERPs, CMSs, and other systems.
  • Flexibility: It can be deployed across various industries including healthcare, law, education, and more. 


  • With the new process, our client achieved a remarkable reduction in onboarding time, bringing it down from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 days.
  • The time to analyze and search for the necessary information in a document was reduced from 15 minutes to 1-2 minutes.

Our AI-powered application for searching internal documents tackles the challenge of information retrieval in vast datasets. This innovative solution empowers you to increase employee productivity, enhance quality of work, and strengthen data security.

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