Odoo Fleet Management Case Study: Enhancing Vehicle Tracking for a Passenger Transportation Company

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Our client, a mid-sized passenger transportation company, operates a fleet of cars and minibusses. They approached First Line Software seeking a solution to track their vehicles’ real-time location and status.


Despite the fact that there are many applications on the market that provide GPS tracking services, our client needed some help integrating and synchronizing all their vehicle data. In this situation, our client didn’t want to manually monitor, aggregate, and synchronize the data, as it would require additional internal work hours. The main challenge was to create an opportunity to automatically count expenditures for all vehicles, such as fuel consumption and maintenance costs, link these expenditures to projects and budgets, and create customized dashboards. 


We proposed Odoo’s Fleet Management module, which is an integrated solution that eliminates the need for separate vehicle tracking systems. Odoo’s user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make it ideal for managing vehicle fleets.

Key Features and Customization

First Line Software customized the application and built real-time vehicle tracking into the Odoo platform. GPS tracking capabilities enable real-time monitoring of vehicle movements, providing valuable insights into fleet operations.

To meet the specific needs of our client, we customized Odoo’s Fleet Management module with the following enhancements:

  • Comprehensive vehicle information.

We added detailed vehicle records to facilitate informed decision-making, including fuel type, engine specifications, and maintenance history.

  • Automated fuel consumption calculations.

The application automatically calculates fuel consumption based on vehicle type and mileage, enabling accurate expense tracking. The data is available in other Odoo modules, such as dashboards, projects, and accounting.

  • Streamlined maintenance scheduling.

This application simplifies maintenance scheduling by alerting managers when vehicles are due for service, ensuring timely upkeep.

  • User-friendly administrative system.

Odoo’s intuitive administrative interface allows for accessible vehicle data, fuel logs, and other essential information management.

  • OpenStreetMap integration.

The application utilizes OpenStreetMap maps to provide a clear visual representation of vehicle locations.

  • Historical tracking.

Users can access historical tracking data to analyze vehicle movements over time.

  • Route planning and ETA estimation.

The application allows users to plan routes and estimate arrival times, improving operational efficiency.


The implementation of Odoo’s Fleet Management solution transformed the client’s vehicle management operations, providing significant benefits:

  • Enhanced visibility and control.

Real-time tracking and comprehensive vehicle information provide greater visibility into fleet operations, enabling better decision-making.

  • Use vehicle data for internal business processes.

All data is available through Odoo modules and integrated with projects and accounting.

  • Reduced fuel costs.

Automated fuel consumption calculations and optimized routing contribute to fuel savings.

  • Improved maintenance planning.

Streamlined maintenance scheduling ensures timely vehicle upkeep, minimizing downtime and extending vehicle lifespan.

  • Increased operational efficiency.

Mobile application, route planning, and ETA estimation tools enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Logistics and Transport Companies

Odoo’s Fleet Management module, coupled with our customizations, has proven to be an invaluable asset for our client’s passenger transportation business. 

  • Additional applications:

Odoo’s Fleet Management module is not limited to passenger transportation companies. 

  • Logistics companies:  

Track and optimize delivery routes, ensuring timely deliveries and reducing fuel costs while automatically linking all vehicle expenditures to internal business processes. 

  • Bus and taxi companies:  

Monitor bus and taxi movements, providing real-time passenger information and improving service quality. Receive orders from clients in Odoo and assign a vehicle to each client.

  • Warehouses and distribution centers:

Manage a diverse fleet of vehicles, including trucks, vans, and forklifts, to ensure the efficient movement of goods. To optimize operations and enhance visibility into asset movements, use this real-time solution to track vehicles and other mobile assets.

  • Retail companies:  

Track field sales representatives, enabling route optimization and better customer service.

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