Warehouse Management System viadat Case Study

The client is the large producer of agricultural machinery. Turnover in the company constitutes over 500 million US dollars a year. The company is certified in the use of the ISO 9001 quality management system.

The Problem 

The company faced ambitious goals: to increase turnover by 40% in three years, to considerably increase product quality and service, and to expand the international markets of sale. This company undertook complex restructuring of all logistics of spare components. The traditional Inventory Accounting System (IAS) couldn’t provide paperless technology of management of cargo flows, and required confirmation of accomplishment of all transactions and updating of the remaining balance manually. 

The Solution 

To have the opportunity to flexibly and economically work on all logistics chains, the client resorted to use of the system decision that is managed manually and supported by radio and loading equipment, and at the expense of this different high flexibility. After detailed research of the market, the client chose the viastore WMS system, created by the German company viastore WMS systems GmbH. The viastore WMS company installed a warehouse control system of viastore WMS. The software completely covers functionality of logistic processes and manages not only 15 manual racking areas, but also lift trucks, a materials transaction and floor vehicles. In total, 27 stationary workplaces, 16 loading terminals, and also 12 portable radios that are controlled with the help of viastore WMS in combination with paperless commissioning.

The Results 

  • Increase in storage capacity by 3 times 
  • Increase in general cargo turnover in tons by 30% 
  • Growth of speed of customer service more than twice over
  • Work performance improvement by more than by 3.5 times 
  • Reducing the number of the warehouse personnel in half 

The Technological Stack 

  • C++, Qt 
  • Relational databases 
  • Distributed client-server architecture 
  • Networking technologies (TCP/IP, FTP)

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