Watts Healthcare Implements First Of Its Kind Contactless Coronavirus Visitor And Employee Pre-Screening System With Funding From Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation

Employee Pre-Screening System

First Line Software and eConnect Come Together to Create Transformative Solution to Combat COVID-19

USA-based Technology Companies, First Line Software and eConnect, Come Together to Create Transformative Solution to Combat COVID-19

First Line Software announced a new COVID-19 pre-screening system, EPass with Watts Healthcare, a first of its kind web-based software application and thermal screening system in partnership with eConnect’s eClear™, which went live at the start of October. The healthcare technology solution, which is designed to keep employees and patrons safe upon entry of the facilities was enabled thanks to a grant from the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation in July 2020 to help the COVID-19 relief efforts in South Los Angeles, California.

As the COVID-19 crisis disproportionately threatens lower-income and medically underserved communities, the technology will help Watts Healthcare more efficiently and effectively provide care to South Los Angeles individuals at risk for contracting COVID-19. The health center primarily serves the Watts and Willowbrook neighborhoods which are comprised 99 percent minority with the highest percentage being Black and Latino. Nationally, the hospitalization rate for these ethnicities are higher, 4.7 times higher for Black individuals, and 4.6 times higher for Latino individuals compared to Non-Hispanic persons.

As for what First Line’s technology is now providing the health center, Watts Healthcare’s president and chief executive officer Dr. Roderick Seamster explained: “The EPass and eClear solution is meeting a critical need in our organization to keep employees and patients safe during a time when COVID-19 cases are increasing nationally, and to combat associated rising labor costs with added safety protocols. We feel very fortunate to be in a better position today addressing the public health emergency for our community’s most vulnerable populations.”

The new EPass and eClear system is being used daily at the Watts Healthcare historic flagship clinic, the Watts Health Center, to screen its workforce of 237 employees and mitigate community spread.

EPass is a contactless, electronic visitor management and visitor pass software that helps screen people for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their visit to the facility and issues a pass to enter the facility to work or visit. The HIPAA compliant software is easy to use, replaces a paper questionnaire and can screen individuals for COVID-19 in multiple-use cases. It can integrate with a variety of systems, including HRIS, EHR, CRM and ERP, and devices like thermometers. Screening results are available on the spot or by email.

Further reducing the risk of infection for the health center, First Line Software architected a new joint technology solution with Las Vegas-based operation automation company eConnect™. To help minimize human involvement, reduce labor costs and provide stronger adherence to social distancing recommendations, eConnect added their eClear™ solution to the EPass screening technology to deliver comprehensive health and safety program for the hospital. eClear, a comprehensive health and safety automation solution for organizations offers a contactless way to measure thermal temperature, count people, identify contract tracing, and more, and it is fully compatible with other enterprise video or technology intelligence systems like EPass.

“EPass and eClear are the perfect match for a robust, automation solution. The Watts Healthcare project is our first integration with First Line Software and we look forward to using their advanced pre-screener tool with other health centers, hospitals and organizations across the country,” said Chris Swanger, Chief Safety Officer of eConnect.

With some health experts predicting a deadly December ahead for the U.S. population, due in large part to seasonality and mask vigilance waning, it is critical for more healthcare systems and organizations across any category to continue optimization of processes and systems to stand ready for ongoing and future threats.

“Five years of change in six months has become a common slogan for the pandemic, and that’s been especially true in the healthcare space,” said Anatoly Postilnik, First Line Software Head of Healthcare IT Practice. “We’re proud to be able to jump in with healthcare systems worldwide to help transform their technology systems and stay prepared for the next wave of COVID-19 or even the flu.”

EPass and eClear systems are cost-effective and can be implemented in a matter of weeks to comply with ongoing local and state mandates. Special pricing is available for organizations in underserved communities to help empower the communities that need support most.

EPass product demonstrations are available on a weekly basis and can be scheduled online at

About Watts Healthcare

From a grassroots clinic that was birthed out of the Watts riots in 1965 and established in 1967, to serving those most in need in Los Angeles county, Watts Healthcare has grown to become a federally recognized health care institution offering seven clinical sites, one substance abuse treatment center and two mobile programs for dental services and mammograms. 53 years of service this month, the Watts Healthcare team strives to improve the health of the community it serves by creating easier access to quality clinical, preventative, and specialty healthcare services, including medical imaging, laboratory, women’s health, HIV, mental health, and more. The Watts Health Center is conveniently located on the corner of 103rd Street and Compton Avenue at 10300 Compton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90002. For patient care and additional information, visit

About eConnect™

eConnect is a global leader in designing, developing and distributing technologies that automate organizational processes to meet the major challenges of today and tomorrow. Leveraging twelve years of excellence, eConnect provides revolutionary technology to deliver actionable information to a wide range of operators. The company seamlessly integrates contactless thermal screening and facial recognition into processes like employee timekeeping, building and employee protection, and recognizing VIPs—all of which future proof an organization. eConnect’s comprehensive suite of technology solutions improves the way companies interact with stakeholders, maximize efficiency and ultimately increase ROI. Intuitive and turnkey to implement, it’s no wonder hundreds of operators worldwide choose eConnect to get to market fast. For more information, visit

About the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation

Guided by the intention of supporting those in need, the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation (OWCF) supports organizations around the world. Since 1993, OWCF has contributed millions in grants and donations to organizations that serve children, families and communities, with a specific focus on youth education.  For more information, please visit

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