EPass has been effective in screening for COVID19 in a variety of organizations

  • What happens when employees do report symptoms and/or are sick?
  • How does vaccination affect the need for screening and population protection?
  • How to manage premise entry points, as well as internal and external events?

EPass has a number of features available that help answer these questions

  • Contact Tracing for Site Entrances / Meetings / Events
  • COVID testing support
  • Vaccination tracing
  • Aggregated notification templates
  • Multiple roles (Site Manager, HR Manager)
  • Custom reporting including role-specific reporting.
Staff and visitor sign-in app integrated with a variety of ERP systems
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Why choose EPass?

  • Easy to set up
  • Flawless integration with your corporate systems
  • Built and tested by healthcare experts
  • Entrance management that reduces the risk of infection
  • Data safety and security
Employee health screening tool compliant with CDC, HIPAA, and GDPR

Meet all the CDC, HIPAA, and GDPR regulations.

COVID symptom checker automation tool

Automate and accelerate the screening process.

GDPR compliant health screening app

Own the data, on your on-premises or private cloud

How it works

Setting up EPass

Setting up EPass
  1. Deploy EPass on your infrastructure and/or your cloud hosting environment.
  2. All the data is owned by you, on your on-premises or private cloud
  3. Customize EPass to work with your organizational structures, workflows, and use cases
  4. Integrate EPass with your corporate systems, including a variety of ERP, HR, and other systems
  5. Integrate EPass with the thermometer of your choice, or select a device from one of our partners (optional).

Using EPass. Entrance control

Entrance control

— Control the entry process and reduce the risk of crowded waiting areas

— Keep employees and visitors safe, while complying with regulations and demonstrating social responsibility.

Events and meeting safety

Meetings safety distance

— Incorporate EPass screening into events/meetings and any registration/invitation process

— Include EPass (epass.calendar@gmail.com) to an event invitation and:

— Epass will send a request to complete screening to all participants on a schedule

— EPass knows all event participants

— EPass knows who completed screening or who did not before the event

— EPass does not know who actually attended the event.

COVID19 vaccination tracing and support

Vaccination records tracking

— The user is offered an option to demonstrate evidence of vaccination

— Optionally, a physician can review the evidence and approve a permanent

— EPass status in the physician portal

— Permanent EPass status may be granted based on a corporate record of vaccination

— If permanent EPass status is granted, the user will bypass screening and will receive a green Epass status for a specified period of time

— EPass can provide guidance and scheduling for vaccinations directly from the EPass app.

COVID19 testing tracing and support in EPass is similar to the vaccination requirements:

Testing results tracing

— Epass provides assistance with test scheduling

— Epass can track who was tested when, and which test was used.

Case studies

Hands-free visitor sign-in system for screening for coronavirus symptoms. Book FREE Demo now

Watts Healthcare employee checks in at EPass + eClear screening station

1. Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation enabled the integration between EPass and partner eConnect

2. Contact tracing at Del Taco restaurants with EPass

— Small groups of employees in the same place at the same time

— Mostly single location for employees

— When working more than one location – employees are screened again

— EPass knows who and when were present at a given location

— Admin real-time interface to trace who was in contact with a given individual

— Best if used with time and attendance or departure screening.

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