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First Line Software EPass web-based application

Today’s COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted business processes and driven the introduction of new requirements for employees and customers when present in any public place including, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, banks, and many others. If you’re the owner or manager of a business, you could be required by law or want to voluntarily screen all your employees and customers to minimize the spread of COVID-19 or even the flu.

We suggest adopting a cost-effective and convenient visitor management solution that is easy to implement. It effectively screens your employees and customers, which reduces your liability and creates a safer environment. We believe that businesses which implement our screening solution will enjoy a competitive advantage over businesses that don’t offer employee and customer screening. Customers will feel safer when visiting your business.

We present the EPass web-based application by First Line Software. This electronic visitor management and visitor pass software helps screen people for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their visit to the facility and issues a pass to enter the facility to work or visit.

Why You Need It

To replace a paper questionnaire with a web form

For efficient management of entrance control

To comply with government and compliance regulations

To demonstrate social responsibility

Where EPass Can Be Used

— Employee screening for entry into workplace

— Visitor screening for facility entry (offices, hospitals, stores, etc.)

— Hotel and restaurant guest screening

— Social and entertainment event participant screening

— Screening of drivers in the trucking business and public transportation that crosses state or city boundaries

— A tool to communicate with employees: company alerts, training materials, and other urgent messages.

— Manage human resources on a near real-time basis. For example, managing the movement of employees to different facilities.

Automated Screening

With the high risk of infection, it is essential that the health screening process be safe and minimize human involvement. The EPass visitor management system integrates with medical-grade, touchless temperature scanners that facilitate fully or partially automated screening.

What We Offer

EPass web-based application

Easy to use, customizable application screens individuals for COVID-19 symptoms in multiple use cases

Configurable templates depending on the usage context

Integrates with HRIS, EHR, CRM, ERP and other systems

Integrates with devices: barcode reader, thermometers, etc.

HIPAA compliant

Customizable for different uses such as employee screening, visitor screening, other

Customizable screening questions/symptoms

Can be used for self-screening

Screening results available on-the-spot or by email

Reporting and analytics


EPass to Work

— Personal mode — self-screening of employees on personal desktop or mobile devices

— Facility mode – screening of employees by facility attendants at the facility entrance

— Upon successful screening, users receive an “EPass to Work”

— If failed screening - ”Stay at Home” instructions are generated

— EPass to Work may be sent by email at user discretion

— Customizable “EPass to Work” and “Stay at Home” templates

EPass to Visit

— Screening of visitors by facility attendants at the facility entrance

— Upon successful screening generates a “Visitor EPass”

— Visitor EPass is available by email for repeated entry

— Ability to capture additional visitor information – visit date/time, visit purpose, etc.

— Visitors may save their info for multiple entries

Self-Screening Mode
Facility Mode
Visitor Analytics
Easy to Install



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