First Line Software attends the Intralogistik-Software conference in Essen

Intralogistik-Software conference

The Intralogistik-Software Conference in Germany attracted logistics experts and professionals and was organized by viastore WMS SYSTEMS, an international supplier of solutions for warehouse and distribution center automation.

Intralogistik-Software 2018 was organized by warehouse automation company – viastore WMS SYSTEMS. The event was held in Essen at the former coaxial plant which now operates as a museum. The venue was chosen as the symbol of connectedness between 2 industrial epochs: Industry 1.0 (factories powered by electricity) and Industry 4.0 (Industrial Internet of Things).

Stages of the Industrial Evolution

The Head of business development of First Line Software said:

“The site of the Intralogistik-Software 2018 was so memorable. The conference included many reports about different approaches in the development of Industry 4.0 for the warehouse and logistics sectors”.

First Line Software has been a strategic partner of viastore WMS since 2010. The company’s portfolio includes several significant projects including a warehouse operated by robots for banking documentation, automation of a warehouse for autoparts dealer, and automation of the warehouse zone at the Liebherr factory.

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