The Importance of Tech and People Highlights Digital Workplace Day

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Digital Workplace Day was held on September 26, 2019 at the 3D Makers Zone in Haarlem, which is just outside of Amsterdam. Produced by the Dutch IT Channel, the afternoon event was centered around Digital Mobility, which is relevant to IT, HR and fleet managers, consultants, as well as corporate culture and management specialists.

Event Highlights

Gartner analyst Hanns Koehler – Kruener was the keynote presenter for the afternoon event. He and other presenters, including Witold Kepinski, Dutch IT channel’s editor-in-chief, HP van Tilburg (Dutch Connect), entrepreneur and key driver of new initiatives in the enterprise digital market Danny Freitman, and others spoke about trends and developments for the Digital Workplace. One of the key themes was around thinking “people first” and then implementing the right technologies for establishing a digital workplace.

Highlights from the Digital Mobility 2019 survey were presented by Smart Profile’s Michiel Alkemade to VVD MP Jan Middendorp during an event session. Robert Geurts and Johan van Dam, both from FME (Dutch employers’ organization in the technology industry) co-presented during a session about Smart Working instead of Hardworking. There was also a Q&A session focused on answering attendee questions about Connectivity as a Service (CaaS), cloud and storage as it relates to the workplace, and workplace analytics.

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Making a Digital Workplace a Reality

Representatives from First Line Software attended this event to learn more about these trends. They also met with attendees to present how our technical and intellectual integration expertise could be instrumental in helping them achieve initiatives around establishing a Digital Workplace.

If your company is focused on making Digital Mobility a reality, let’s talk and explore how First Line Software can help you achieve your Digital Mobility initiatives.

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