Using AI in Healthcare Attracts Participants to Meetup

Using AI in Healthcare Meetup

On February 18th, AI Lab One and World Startup launched an eight-event series focused on developing new concepts that use artificial intelligence to solve challenges in the healthcare industry. This series has been integrated into Transition Tuesday, which is an initiative of the World Startup Factory and facilitated by The Hague Tech. Meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.

The 300-plus attendees included hospital CXOs, medical practitioners, health IT companies, service providers, and government representatives, who learned about new technologies that are transforming healthcare in Africa and took away best practices that were shared in transformation success stories.

Data-driven healthcare delivery

Dr. Joel Kahn, Chief Medical Officer for First Line Software was the presenter for a session titled: Data-Driven Healthcare

– How to Use Data to Improve the Quality of Healthcare. He spoke about the challenges of using healthcare data in a meaningful way.

While healthcare is a data-driven industry, there is very little standardization or consistency of terminology and concepts across institutions and frequently within a single institution. Dr. Kahn shared steps healthcare organizations can take to standardize their data and extract valuable insights that can be used to improve the quality of their healthcare delivery.

“During the conference, Dr. Joel Kahn and I met with many attendees to discuss the specific digital transformation processes they are currently focusing on at their healthcare institutions,” commented First Line Software expert. “Our company has built up significant expertise in healthcare technology from our work with many hospitals and research organizations in the US, Canada, Australia and EU. Expertise that can be applied to healthcare technology projects for organizations in South Africa.”

If you didn’t have an opportunity to meet with us during the conference, Contact Us to schedule a brief call and tell us about your healthcare technology initiatives. We will share details about how First Line Software’s expertise in healthcare IT can be instrumental in helping your organization achieves its transformation initiatives.

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