Zorg & ICT 2019 Reveals e-Health Innovations

e-health innovations

Health IT Expert, First Line Software, Participates at International Zorg & ICT Event

From March 12 – 14, 2019 the annual “Zorgtotaal and Zorg & ICT” trade fairs were held in Utrecht. Hundreds of healthcare and welfare organizations shared what is currently working in healthcare. This year’s events experienced nearly a 300 percent increase in the number of attendances and exhibitors. All of the trade fair stands were packed with content, experiences, and entertainment during the three inspiring expo days.

Senior Vice President at First Line Software observed that the healthcare sector will face a number of significant challenges in the coming years. Many of the key issues, such as data interoperability and data privacy were addressed at Zorg. Moreover, what remains as the most important issues to be addressed are how to diagnose disease much sooner, help people stay healthy as long as possible, and ensure elderly people have a safe environment at home.

The Zorgtotaal and Zorg & ICT fairs were full of inspiration for all who attended. Many ‘best practices were shared by health care organizations that are already working on applying the use of technology wherever possible.

Some of the other interesting themes that were discussed extensively included sustainability, hospitality, and food and drink, and their impact on the well-being of people. For example, facility management was also discussed and how the design and environment of a care institution can contribute to the faster recovery of a patient.

Zorgtotaal and Zorg & ICT support healthcare professionals in their care for patients and clients on a daily basis. These events are opportunities to report on the treatment processes through health monitoring, share data between various healthcare organizations and offer a new perspective on healthcare through innovation and technology.

IT companies such as First Line Software help patients by notifying them when they need to take medication, for example, and by bringing their care to their own living room through the use of the technology we develop for our clients.  Delivering healthcare through platforms and portals helps caregivers, peers and family. In short, no matter how abstract and impersonal technology may seem, it actually helps improve our health and the accessibility of care that is vital to our recovery from illness or injury.

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