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The coronavirus pandemic is a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a significant impact on the global economy. This crisis causes many challenges, but it also creates opportunities for new and innovative processes, products, and solutions helping communities to deal with the impact of the outbreak.

On May 14, First Line Software hosted a webinar, sharing our recent technological contributions in the fight to combat COVID-19 healthcare challenges. Our first shared experience included building a data pipeline that collects, transforms, and reconciles information from multiple data sources into a cohesive Facilities Resource Management Control Center to manage patient and staff allocation. Employees may use the application either on their own for self-screening and obtaining the pass to work if they are free of symptoms or be screened at the entrance of their workplace by the trained personnel. The data collected from the system is available to the leadership and administrators for subsequent analytics. The application is bilingual - supports English and Spanish language.

Then we explained an application we designed for users to self-report their symptoms in order to obtain authorization to attend their place of employment (PassToWork). With this as a base, the application is also being used in healthcare settings to limit and control the flow of visitors thus minimizing additional risk for potential infections.

Large-scale events, like the COVID-19, outbreak force businesses to reevaluate their traditional operations and make communities readjust to the new realities. We adjust to working remotely and sustain ourselves without elements of daily life that we used to take for granted - like going to a salon or working out at the local gym. Healthcare institutions carry the highest-burden during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are not only forced to deal with the influx of patients way beyond their capacity but must also protect their patients and loved ones from being infected and spreading the disease. One of the leading health networks is using an application that we developed for them to limit and control the flow of visitors to the hospitals by screening everyone at the door. With this application hospital, staff collects visitor personal information, check for disease symptoms, and monitor the number of visits. Visitor locations and interactions within the hospital are tracked in the same application. Hospital administration can perform analytics using the data the application is collecting.

At First Line Software, we strongly believe that technology plays a significant role in fighting COVID-19 and will help with patients' recovery.

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