Developing a platform for researchers and clinicians to easily and efficiently run prom related studies

proms data collection software

Patient engagement is an increasingly important for success of clinical research. Patient Reported Outcome Measurements (PROMs) in clinical practice are critical in transition to value-based and patient-centric care.

PROMs depend on patients completing surveys and checklists on regular basis. This is often overwhelming for a sick person. Many sources indicate that only 10-30% of the patients in PROM-related studies remain engaged by the end of the study. Collecting and managing surveys and processing survey data is often challenging for clinics, healthcare professionals, and researchers.

We have developed a platform for researchers and clinicians for running PROM-related studies easily and efficiently.

  • The platform integrates into the EHR medical system
  • Provides clinicians, study administrators with valuable insights during the study
  • Offers a wide range of tools for creating and managing clinical research and studies involving PROMs
  • It collects and organizes data and exposes scoring and insights to the study participants
  • It makes it easier for the patients to stay in the studies, and to communicate with clinicians.

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