As a leading IT service provider and healthcare software development company, First Line Software helps Healthcare institutions, Life Science organizations and commercial vendors to deliver innovative products and solutions for patient care and clinical research

With rapid technology advancements and wide adoption of EHR systems, organizations have gained opportunities to improve patient care, organizational efficiencies and control costs with help of advanced analytics, process monitoring, and quality measurements. In an increasingly technology-driven environment, healthcare delivery and IT organizations have been working together to support the drive to improve care.

First Line Software, established in 2009 and headquartered in Cambridge, MA, is a leading IT services organization and healthcare software development company, that has been helping Healthcare institutions, Life Sciences organizations and commercial vendors to deliver innovative products and solutions for patient care and clinical research. Company's key areas of focus and expertise include clinical systems development and integration, health data engineering and management analytics and support for clinical research.

First Line Software leverages its experience in global delivery and optimal combination of onsite and offshore resources to ensure consistent and high-quality implementations. One of its success stories is  C2C - a Cloud-Based Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management System in South-East Asia developed by First Line Software under entrepreneurial business leadership and innovative clinicians of the company. A leading EHR system in the cloud, C2C facilitates a close and efficient collaborative environment for physicians, staff, and patients to increase engagement, capitalize on predictive analytics, and create more personalized care.

First Line takes advantage of its deep knowledge and expertise in other industry sectors to design and develop better systems for the healthcare industry. As one example - it uses its operational logistics expertise to deliver an innovative tracking and routing solution for one of the largest visiting nurses organizations in the United States.

The company is also a leading technology player in Real World Evidence (RWE) - based research. On behalf of its clients, it performs large- scale data extraction, transformation and mapping of observational and claims data in support of clinical studies and trials for major Life Sciences and Healthcare organizations. A team of medical informaticians at First Line is continuously engaged in mapping, maintenance, and support of a wide range of clinical concepts, vocabularies and coded medical terminologies for its clients and the worldwide community of researchers.

Nick Puntikov, CEO, First Line Software says, "We are not just about improving IT systems but ultimately about improving peoples' lives and care." Nick talks about the company culture, "I think we have a great engineering team. It is in the culture of First Line to find and groom the best engineers while they are still in college. We train, mentor and support them, we challenge them, run hackathons, and we give them an opportunity to be exposed to real-world problems and to eventually take the lead and become mentors for the next in line."
Anatoly Postilnik, the Head of the Healthcare Practice at First Line adds. "We feel responsible not only for our own performance but also for the success and failures of our clients. They appreciate that we are not just a third-party service and solutions provider but a partner whom they can rely on. This commitment pays - a significant part of our business comes through the word of mouth from our past and existing clients."

First Line Software is a global organization with teams working on different continents and in different time zones. "Yet, it feels like we are a single team which seamlessly works together internally and with our customers", says Nick. Unity and integrity are the keywords that define its team spirit.

Behind this ability to deliver with company and client teams jointly working across continents and time zones lies deep commitment to agile processes and methodologies. The leadership of the company joined the agile movement at its onset in the late 90s; it has in fact pioneered agile methodology for distributed remote teams.

In years to come, the company seeks to establish itself as an international premier provider of custom software development, and technology enablement services in healthcare and other industries. The company is also looking to capitalize on Its Machine Learning and Al expertise and resources to make a greater impact on healthcare data management and decision support. It will continue working side by side with healthcare providers and life sciences organizations to build and expand their modern Health IT infrastructure, improve patient care and facilitate research.

Article by APAC Business Headlines about Custom Healthcare Software Development Company - First Line Software and their Healthcare IT Practice. With quotes from Nick Puntikov (CEO) and Anatoly Postilnik (Healthcare IT Practice Head)

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