Tech Support for a Unique CRM/HRM System

Tech Support

A custom CRM/HRM system with advanced HR and workforce management functionality required support processes to improve user experience and system availability. The First Line Software team took on the project, increasing request processing velocity from 30 to 180 per month, improving tech support and automation, and introducing monitoring and disaster recovery tools, as well as an automatic document recognition service.


Our client, a company specializing in mass recruitment and personnel management for the retail industry, required a custom CRM/HRM system to meet their specific needs. The system encompasses a vast array of functionalities, including managing needs for external personnel, conducting candidate interviews and assessments, automated personnel calculations, reporting in various dimensions, and integrations with external systems.

The Challenge

The goal of the project was to fully transition existing support processes from the current development team to the new tech support team for the following improvements:

  • Increasing the number of incidents resolved, meeting the deadlines for processing requests for technical assistance support
  • Implementation of monitoring, search for problems with performance and outages
  • Preparation of recovery plans after accidents and training according to the plans
  • Transfer of the code base to the client’s infrastructure, setting up code base management processes
  • Automation of continuous integration processes and delivery to customer environments.

Our Approach

First Line Software’s support team developed specialized tools for maintenance and automation while working on the project. 

Our specialists deployed and configured new GitLab, MS Visual Studio, and TeamCity environments to manage code collaboration, continuous integration, and delivery processes. We also used Zabbix as a monitoring system built support processes and suitable documentation, and prepared and tested disaster recovery plans.

The Outcome

We successfully completed all initial tasks and developed tech support processes from scratch. 

We implemented DevOps practices such as monitoring tools, continuous integration and delivery, and code collaboration tools.

We paid special attention to building 1st and 2nd line support processes, as well as proactive monitoring and problem-solving. As a result, we increased the number of processed requests from 30 to 180 per month and achieved 99.9% system availability, up from 95% before the start of the project. 


Code: C#, ASP.Net, Microsoft SQL Server

Tools: GitLab, TeamCity, Zabbix

Platforms: .Net, MS IIS

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