Technical Support for the New Tax Service System: Pilot to Production

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Our client wanted a system that minimizes tax evasion and violations and provides businesses, buyers, and state tax service employees with convenient tools for working with and analyzing fiscal sales data. 

The project involved sourcing and installing equipment and deploying and configuring the system.

A key objective of the project was to ensure uninterrupted operation, timely response to events, and guaranteed high-quality technical support.

The system needed to cope with high loads, a large number of users, and be compatible with a wide range of devices.


The State Tax Service is the government agency that collects and enforces taxes, registers taxpayers, advises on tax policy, and provides additional taxpayer education. Protecting taxpayer privacy is essential, and the State Tax Service uses automation to streamline processes and uphold financial integrity and government accountability.

The Challenge

From the early outset, ensuring 24/7 system availability and performance was crucial.

To achieve this goal it was necessary to:

  • Establish and maintain collaborative processes and tools for managing incidents, problems, and system changes for all project participants.
  • Create and configure tools to monitor service and technical parameters of the system and proactively respond to any negative changes in system behavior.
  • Set up and maintain clusters to ensure high availability using DevOps practices and automation.
  • Maintain routine security audits and preparation and testing of disaster recovery plans.
  • Teach and train personnel to work with the system, consulting all parties, and interacting with partners.

The Solution

During the preparatory phase of the project, the team developed a solid methodological, analytical, and procedural foundation for subsequent implementation. 

We adapted the system to meet current legislation requirements, procured the necessary equipment, and integrated and tested the hardware and software components from the various vendors involved. 

The team established and prepared technical support teams, developed documentation to describe and regulate support processes, configured parameters for detailed system monitoring, and created and tested plans and procedures for responding to events, incidents, and disasters. 

We also conducted security and performance audits. 

After the pilot project began, we gradually distributed tax machines to participants and registered taxpayers, providing constant technical support throughout.

The Outcome

First Line Software’s technical support for the State Tax Service’s new tax machine system, from its initial pilot stage to its transition into full-scale industrial operation, was a pivotal factor in the project’s success. 

With a dedicated support team consisting of 9 members, proactive incident management, and robust monitoring tools in place, the project achieved a system availability rate of 99.9%, registering over 35,000 devices and processing approximately 30,000 receipts online daily. 

After the successful completion of the pilot phase, the project proceeded to the industrial operation phase with plans for further development, enhancing tax collection, and fiscal data management. 

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