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On Wednesday, May 20th, First Line Software was honored to participate in the inaugural Virtual Open House event hosted by our trusted partner, Health Systems Informatics (HSi). This event was meant to explain the current COVID-19 crisis, how did we get here and where are we going to HSi’s clients and guests.

First Line Software shared its technological contributions that have helped several healthcare institutions combat the crisis caused by the disease such as  Pass-to-Work and Pass-to-Visit apps.  As we all are continuing to work our way through the COVID-19 era, First Line Software is technical offering consulting services to organizations and businesses. Our  Healthcare Practice possesses the expertise and maintains active engagements directly or through its clients and partners – health IT companies – in the following key areas:

We have been working as custom healthcare software development company since 2010. Our clients include healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, software vendors, innovative startups, and device manufacturers.

Please reach out to us directly to discuss the areas in which you can use us for support. We look forward to the opportunity to help ease the burden in your community during these trying times.

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