Clinical Research

We transform clinical research with innovative technology solutions. From effective use of Real World Data to improved lab automation – we help bring new drugs, therapies and care quality to patients faster and more efficiently.
Clinical Research Solutions

Build Cohorts of Eligible Patients Easier and Faster

We extract, transform, and aggregate observational data from EHR systems and other sources into high-quality OMOP, i2b2, and other Common Data Model repositories. We further enrich the extracted data with meaningful metadata, standard concept identifiers, and we develop tools to analyze the data and conduct eligibility queries faster and more efficiently.


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Optimized Lab Automation

Our software is used to improve lab automation and to drive robotic equipment remotely and with high efficiency


Real-time Quality Data for Research and Clinical Decision Support

Traditional research data repositories are updated with significant latency. We’ve developed innovative approaches for incremental, near real-time data refresh creating new opportunities to improve data quality and to conduct Clinical Decision Support across multiple institutions.


Real-time Quality Data for Research and Clinical Decision Support

Software Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Reusable Research Infrastructure platform helps researcher to run remote patient monitoring studies for multitude of conditions reducing the cost of supporting software and leaving more funding for research.


Software platform for remote patient manitoring
How First Line Software Brought i2b2 to Intersystems IRIS

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