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First Line Software examines your entire software testing process for potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities leading to increased efficiency, a quicker time to market, and lower budget requirements. Get a free Quality Assurance review from First Line Software today and see how we can help you to improve your software testing process.

Alex Meshkov, QA Lead

What challenges are you facing in your testing process?

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Prolonged Testing Cycles
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Expanding Testing Budget
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Slower Time to Delivery
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Declining Release Quality



Enjoy a 30% annual reduction
in your testing budget


Slash testing cycles
up to 3-5 times.


Embrace modern automation testing approaches to cut automation test support costs by 50%.

What do we review?

Our experts will research and review the testing activities, artefacts, and tools in the current environment, including:

Quality Gates: Examining the integration of the Quality Assurance process within the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, along with the supporting tools.

STLC Analysis: In-depth evaluation of the Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC), encompassing the test strategy, test plan, and test cases, with a particular focus on regression testing.

Customer-Centric Focus: Understanding and addressing specific customer limitations and requirements to ensure a tailored approach to testing.

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Tailored QA Strategy: We provide a comprehensive report with clear recommendations to optimize your QA process and achieve your goals.

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Automation Assessment: Get insights into an optimized automation testing framework, including integration strategies, or enhance your existing automation for improved efficiency.

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Cost & Timeline: Receive a detailed breakdown of service costs, project duration, and a roadmap for implementing all QA enhancements.

QA Review Steps

1. Initial Assessment

  • Define client goals and access test artefacts.
  • Organize workgroup meetings for access and discussions.
  • Identify key personnel responsible for Dev and QA.

2. Data Gathering

  • Conduct interviews with responsible personnel.
  • Analyze the current QA process state and collect data.

3. Solutions & Roadmap

  • Choose an appropriate approach and integration tools.
  • Present estimated costs and implementation roadmap.
  • Deliver a comprehensive QA Audit report with AS-IS and TO-BE processes, automation tool recommendations, and a high-level roadmap.

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