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QA Services

Accelerate your software development and create a better product with First Line Software. Our global team delivers comprehensive QA services to help you iterate faster, enhance the quality of your software, improve usability, meet industry standards, and retain users.

Enhance Your Bottom Line

Clients who utilize our QA services benefit from more than just cost efficiency, performance, and security. Quality assurance can also boost your bottom line and retention rates, as high-quality software and enjoyable user experiences keeps your users happy while maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Relying on 13 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance, First Line Software will expertly handle all stages of an efficient QA process from setting up the procedures, building an internal testing environment to continuously testing during the whole application lifecycle.

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We begin with a thorough, complimentary QA Review to assess current processes, identifying areas of risk, scalability, and opportunity – and then prepare a list of recommendations, including test management process, automation, performance, and security. We deliver review results within two weeks. From there, we’ll work with you to implement our recommendations and set your software up for growth. Are you ready to get started? Let’s initiate your QA review.

Why First Line Software?

Our team supports the full software development lifecycle, giving us broad knowledge beyond just QA. This enables us to translate business cases into real testing requirements based on our experience building hundreds of applications.

13 years
of experience in QA on a global scale for leading companies

test engineers in 15 countries who can adapt to any time zone

ISTQB Certified
Global recognition through consistent application of ISTQB® policies and procedures

Optimizely Bronze Partner
Exclusive experience with Optimizely platform for web testing

Our Process

1. Our team will customize the approach to software testing based on our client’s individual needs. Starting with a discovery process, we explore current and past QA efforts and formulate a roadmap to implement our recommended software testing activities.

2. From there, we’ll assemble a team of specialists to enhance your QA team based on system expertise, industry experience, and technical stack mastery.

3. We then integrate our experts with your existing IT team to create a stable, reliable software testing process.

4. We constantly optimize your QA processes, adding new practices as necessary.

We Deliver Globally

Trusted by 250+ clients, First Line’s global presence enables us to deliver QA services effectively, adapting to time zones and customer requirements.

QA Services Global Delivery

Our QA Services

First Line Software offers a full suite of process, performance, and security testing services, empowering our clients to feel confident in the quality of their software and to create better experiences for their customers.

Software Testing

Our QA engineers employ rigorous manual testing to identify any issue or bugs that can impact the user experience or scalability across various platforms, devices, and traffic loads. Close collaboration between the QA team and the development team ensures quick resolution of issues uncovered, creating an efficient process that saves time and money for our clients.

In addition to manual testing, we offer automation testing, leveraging the latest technologies and tools to streamline the testing process. Automation testing not only reduces the time required for testing but also minimizes costs associated with manual labor. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, our QA team is able to continuously test and monitor your software for bugs, increase the test coverage, and uncover problems before they reach your users.

qa services - software testing

Performance Testing

First Line Software’s performance testing services enhance the software’s stability and performance, identifying potential bottlenecks and optimizing the software performance to meet your users’ needs. We conduct rigorous tests to assess how well the software performs under a variety of conditions, including high user loads and stress scenarios, to optimize the software’s speed, responsiveness, and scalability.

If you are a start-up company or expecting to scale your business, we are ready to get you a special offer to establish performance testing expertise inside the company.

QA Services - Performance Testing

Security Testing & Code Review

With decades of experience building secure software, we help our clients identify vulnerabilities and potential security threats in the software’s architecture, coding, and data handling process. These vulnerabilities can threaten and expose companies, their data, and their customers, but with proactive security testing and code reviews, these threats can be limited. Our team tests, identifies, and resolves security issues to ensure your software products are secure and compliant with industry standards. By proactively addressing vulnerabilities, our clients are safeguarded against security challenges and protect themselves against potential security breaches. For more information on the importance of code reviews, please read our most recent blog here.

qa services - security testing

Automation Testing

First Line Software’s Automation Testing services deliver cost-efficiency throughout the development process. Automation Testing by our expert team increases your ability to deliver new features quickly, without wasting time to find the right solutions. By enhancing velocity and capacity development and supporting the QA team, we can help you deliver a consistently high level of quality software – while avoiding the impact of scope creep often found in manual testing. Additionally, Automation Testing improves the efficiency of repetitive manual tasks, which reduces costs over time. Read more on our automation testing services here.

qa services - automation testing

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