IT Support Services Enhance Customer Satisfaction for a Single-Family Rental Leader

Real Estate IT Support

A large, national single-family rental provider with over 50,000 properties nationwide partnered with First Line Software to boost operational efficiency for their resident support services. Through strategic IT staffing, we aimed to bolster the client’s IT support for a wide range of issues across workspace and communication systems.

Business Challenge

Faced with a rapidly growing portfolio of properties, our client needed to source exceptional talent to support their expanding resident population’s needs using Zendesk software. It was essential that the new agents ensure seamless support across US time zones, maintaining high customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Customer Expectations

Our client expected:

  • High resident satisfaction levels with continuous improvement.
  • Stringent adherence to KPIs for application support efficiency.
  • Enhanced collaboration and integration with our client’s internal team.


First Line Software’s IT support services team provided a structured support system and integrated our agents into the client’s environment. This process included:

  • Comprehensive training for support agents by both First Line Software and the client.
  • A dedicated operations support manager to oversee shift planning and other operational challenges.
  • Implementing effective support ticket processing and resolutions within Zendesk.


The support framework utilized the following technologies:

  • Zendesk is responsible for ticket management and customer service communication.
  • Training and collaboration tools for seamless integration with the client’s internal teams and processes.


Noteworthy outcomes of the project include:

  • Elevated levels of customer satisfaction as evidenced by positive feedback and testimonials.
  • Established a proactive approach to achieving and surpassing KPIs for service delivery and collaboration.
  • Successful management of application support for the client’s extensive resident population.
  • Effective operational management ensured agent availability and support continuity.

The partnership with our client represents a successful implementation of application support services. By integrating skilled personnel into their team, we aligned technological solutions with business needs to provide exceptional service in the real estate sector.

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