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We use our technology expertise and industry experience to develop solutions that address business challenges and increase efficiency for Real Estate and PropTech firms across the globe.
Proptech Solutions

Modernize your Real Estate Operations and PropTech solutions
with our Generative AI Proof of Concept Package

We’ll help you build a working prototype for your PropTech concept in just weeks, giving you a clear picture of its potential before you heavily invest. This reduces development risks by allowing you to identify and address any issues early on, saving you time and money.

Our team of experts will ensure your existing systems integrate seamlessly with advanced AI tools, empowering your developers to work faster and avoid common pitfalls. This frees them up to tackle more complex challenges, while also unlocking valuable insights from your real estate data.

Idea Validation

Test the feasibility of your AI-powered ideas with rapid prototyping.


Solution Architecture

Design a robust and scalable implementation strategy.


Developing & Testing Prototypes

Bring your AI vision to life with tangible, testable demonstrations.

Turn your PropTech ideas into reality!

Area Leadership

Tony McGibbon

Head of Real Estate Practice
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Mark Edgett

VP, Digital Transformation
Boston, MA, USA

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