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One of the leading retail trade fairs, EuroShop 2020, was held in Düsseldorf, Sunday, February 16 through Thursday, February 20. Over 94,000 attendees, speakers, and exhibitors attended or participated in the event that showcased the latest products, trends, and best practices for all things retail. Two of the top themes for the event were linking online shopping with offline shopping and sustainability. Since the global retail industry is one of First Line Software’s core strategic markets, representatives from First Line Software also attended the event.

EuroShop reported that 70% of the EuroShop audience traveled to Düsseldorf from abroad. Some of the largest delegations came from countries such as Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. In total, EuroShop 2020 conference attendees represented 142 countries. There were 2,300 exhibitors from 57 countries on-site to introduce their products and services and attract new business opportunities.

“This high level of international interest clearly documents the dynamism of the global retail world and the exceptional position EuroShop enjoys as its economic engine,” said Michael Gerling, Chairman of the EuroShop Advisory Board and CEO of the EHI Retail Institute Cologne.

Since the global retail industry is one of First Line Software’s core strategic markets, representatives from First Line Software also attended the event. “As a technology services provider to the retail industry, it’s a must that we keep up with trends and best practices, stated Vladimir Litoshenko, First Line’s SVP, Business Development. “Knowing what’s happening in the industry equips us to provide the best guidance to our customers as together, we spec out their projects for the best possible results.” 

The First Line Software team uses its expertise in retail digitalization, e-Commerce, and web content management to help customers transform and optimize their retail marketing, operations, and sales - whether online, offline, or both. Our digital marketing experience includes developing and revamping customer loyalty systems, building out product catalogs, installing and customizing e-Commerce platforms, streamline omnichannel customer experiences, designing self-service shopping solutions, and more.

Further, as partners to Germany-based viastore systems, we automate warehouse logistics for pharmacy, grocery, and non-food retail chains. Other experience includes developing mobile apps to manage store inventory, building analytics solutions to monitor store traffic volumes – including specific days of the week, time of day, and so on. Our team has even implemented a facial recognition system for a jewelry store that uses artificial intelligence to identify known fraudsters.

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