Development of Retail Shopper Behavior Data Collection and Analytics System

Retail Shopper Behavior Data Collection and Analytics System

The Company 

Our customer is a consulting company that specializes in the development and implementation  of BI systems for retailers.  

The Product 

Their first proprietary product is a decision support system based on retail shopper behavior analysis.  This packaged solution is made up of Wi-Fi sensors. The sensors are installed in retail outlets and  collect statistics about retail visitor behavior. The information is collected by passive monitoring of  the shoppers’ Wi-Fi gadgets (smartphones, tablets) within a 2.4 GHz range. Signal intensity and  detection times are recorded as well as the shopper’s system-generated unique device ID. 

This software analyzes the collected data and converts it into detailed and multi-dimensional reports  that assess the shopper behavior in various analytical datasets: 

  • Visit duration – the time spent by shoppers in the retail outlet 
  • Capture rate – actual visit percentage of the total number of shoppers 
  • Loyalty – follow-up call analytics 
  • Bounce rate – percentage of shoppers who left without making purchases
  • Outlet heatmap – concentration of retail shopper traffic. 

Project Development 

First Line Software developed the cloud-based software solution and performed  the testing. Technologically, the monitoring system consists of Wi-Fi routers with  advanced weaving, a server collecting and processing the data and a web application which allows  the retail manager to access and understand the shopping trends inside each store utilizing the system.  

Additionally First Line Software developed an ad delivery feature that sent text messages to subscribed, loyalty shoppers as they passed the retail outlet using geofencing from the monitoring system 

Project Technology 

  • Linux/OpenWRT + ASP.NET MVC/ASP.NET Web API /Highcharts/ d3.js / MSSQL / ADO.NET  Entity Framework 
  • PHP/Knockout/ PostgreSQL

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