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Our client is a large European supplier of vacuum components and measurement technologies that has recently opened a new branch in the United States. The European part of the company already had a deployed warehouse automation system. However, with the opening of a new division, our client needed to integrate a new storage facility into the existing solution and facilitate the identification of optimal storage locations.


The client has been already using viadatWMS from viastore SOFTWARE for their European warehouses. 

The new US-based facility was a small warehouse that still utilized a lot of manual processes and operations. It has a large number of containers with fixed locations and numbers without the possibility of their physical transportation. 

These types of warehouses are unable to fully leverage the comprehensive automation capabilities offered by a typical WMS. Additionally, they introduce highly unconventional manual processes that are normally not supported by out-of-the-box WMS systems. Therefore, it was crucial to conduct a detailed analysis and establish a strategy for customizing viadatWMS to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The tasks were further complicated by the close integration of the US-based warehouse with ongoing operations in Europe, requiring careful navigation to minimize any disruptive effects during the viadatWMS implementation project.

Our Approach

Discovery: In this initial discovery stage, we thoroughly investigated the client’s existing warehouse processes to gain a deep understanding. We created a comprehensive specification for the new system, formalized the manual processes to remove ambiguity and inconsistencies, and discussed and approved it with the client. 

Development & Customization: After we conducted discovery and recommendation, we moved into the configuration and customization portion of our work with viadatWMS. We tailored the software to meet the specific needs of the client’s warehouse operations, aligning it with the approved specifications. 

On-site Testing & Commissioning: Once the configuration and customization are completed, we moved to the on-site testing and commissioning phase. This stage involved deploying the system in the client’s warehouse environment and conducting rigorous testing to validate its performance and reliability. Our team worked closely with the client’s staff to simulate real-world scenarios and evaluate the system’s efficiency, accuracy, and responsiveness. Any necessary adjustments or refinements were made during this phase to ensure optimal functionality and user experience.

Go Live: Our team provided comprehensive support during the launch, closely monitoring the system’s performance to ensure a smooth transition. 


Our team worked swiftly to support the client’s needs. The task was successfully solvable due to the flexible architecture of the viadatWMS software and the extensive expertise of our team in warehouse automation, particularly in undertaking complex viadat WMS customization projects.

After the solution was implemented, the system was able to help operators identify the most suitable storage location available in the warehouse.

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