Cloud Migration Services

We help businesses of all sizes and complexity accelerate their growth by migrating their legacy systems to the cloud, with increased efficiency, faster processes, and enhanced flexibility, all while cutting costs.
Cloud Migration Services

First Line Software has a seasoned, proven team of technical experts, solution architects and problem solvers.

No matter the size or complexity, First Line can guide you through migrating your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud seamlessly, with unparalleled expertise and in-house frameworks that are time-tested, unique and ready to be deployed all over the world.

Discover and Assess

  • Understand the primary business goals of migrating to cloud
  • Identify security, compliance and regulatory goals
  • Discover all business applications and develop a cloud migration strategy
  • Prioritize apps, dependencies, risks and create a roadmap
  • Align all stakeholders with the roadmap and get resources needed to start

Design and Build

  • Design a reference architecture that meets the business needs
  • Validate design for security, compliance & other regulatory needs
  • Develop and build a prototype

Migration and Execution

  • Design secure, compliant a cloud platform reference architecture
  • Develop and build a Minimum Viable Cloud
  • Discover all business applications and develop a cloud migration strategy
  • Implement security and compliance controls
  • Install 3rd party tools
  • Integrate your CI/CD pipeline with our infrastructure automation

Benefits of Cloud Migration

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Improved Operational Resilience

Ensure business continuity, reduced downtime and faster disaster recovery with reliable and secure cloud infrastructure

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Enhanced Business Agility

Adapt to market changes, respond to customer needs, and innovate quickly.

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Improved Data Management and Analytics Capabilities

Leverage data-driven insights for better decision-making, faster innovation and increased competitiveness.

Greater Accessibility

Access data and applications from anywhere, anytime, and any device — for increased collaboration, productivity and efficiency.

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Increased Staff Productivity

Maximize productivity with faster access to applications and data, automation of manual tasks, and better team collaboration.

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Cost Savings

Reduce capital expenses, lower maintenance costs, optimize resource utilization and enjoy pay-as-you-go pricing.

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Increased Scalability

On-demand resource allocation, automatic load balancing and elastic computing capacity allow you to quickly and easily scale up or down.

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Improved Security and Compliance

Optimize security and regulatory compliance, reduce the risk of security breaches and protect sensitive data.

Years of experience and hundreds of engagements have given us expertise in creating cost‑efficient cloud transformation models for our clients using leading platforms all over the world.


Cost Savings

Average Infrastructure Cost Savings


Staff productivity

IT Staff Productivity Boost


Operational Resilience

Fewer Downtime Hours


Business Agility

More Features Delivered Each Year

Learn more about the top three ways our Cloud Migration services can help you

Lift and Shift

Lift and shift is a migration strategy where applications are moved from on-premises servers to the cloud with minimal changes to the application architecture. It is a fast and cost-effective way to migrate applications with reduced downtime and risk.

Lift, Tinker and Shift

In this variation of the “Lift and Shift” migration strategy, applications are first lifted and shifted to the Cloud, then optimized (or “tinkered” to make them more cloud-native) for the Cloud environment to improve performance and reduce costs.

Cloud-Native Migration

This strategy replaces the functionality of legacy applications with Cloud-native features. We will work with you to define the different phases of migration and our proven methodology to achieve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I work with?

Our cloud migration team typically includes:

  • Cloud Architect
  • DevOps Specialist
  • Data Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • We can augment the team depending on the scale of the engagement.

Can I trust your expertise?

  • We have successfully completed over 70 cloud migrations
  • We are AWS, Azure, GCP partners, with certified developers in-house
  • We are experts at migrating clients’ legacy systems into the cloud
  • First Line employs more than 500 developers with proven cloud experience
  • We lead with a cloud-native approach, so all new implementation goes into the cloud.

How much will I pay?

  • The cloud model is ‘cost saving’ by design, so costs will diminish even more in the future
  • Migration costs can be zero or relatively low
  • We work with our cloud migration partners to provide discounts to cover migration costs

What about security?

The cloud model is the most secure available. All cloud providers deliver a Shared Responsibility Model.

Please contact us to learn more.

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