The Hague Humanity Hub Social Special Event

The Hague Humanity Hub is a unique platform, where forward-thinking organizations are united by their drive to develop innovative solutions to today’s global challenges in peace, justice, and humanitarian action. In addition to their professional workplace, the Hub offers access to an open and diverse community for innovation, co-creation, and knowledge exchange.

First Line is a global company that serves a diverse mix of customers and partners around the world and introduces cutting-edge technology that creates a distinct competitive advantage. Five years ago we launched our EU office in The Hague and now First Line has built up an effective network of cooperation for engaging a wide range of partners, including The Hague Humanity Hub.

As a partner of The Hague Humanity Hub, we attended the Social Special event on February 21. It was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues and other innovators to share different achievements.

Annemarie van den Heuvel from Pro Bono Connect gave a short presentation about their work linking non-profits and civil society to lawyers from top law firms to provide them with free legal advice or assistance in legal proceedings.

In 2017 the First Line Software team worked on the pilot project for Humanity X, an initiative of Leiden University’s Centre for Innovation, and supported by the Municipality of The Hague. HumanityX is the innovation engine of The Hague Humanity Hub. The solution that First Line Software developed helps readers to recognize Fake News.

In 2018 we built a platform for another member of The Hague Humanity Hub, start-up company YAPILI.  It was a telemedicine project designed to connect people in developing countries with licensed doctors. YAPILI provides new opportunities for residents of many African countries that help them to get properly qualified services from local and western health professionals in an efficient and confidential way. In those countries where it is difficult and expensive to obtain professional health advice, YAPILI offers an affordable, anonymous and secure channel for seeking medical care.

Every monthly meeting at The Hague Humanity Hub allows us to find strategic partners, build solid partnerships and identify new opportunities to produce innovative software products and solutions which help the world become safer and healthier.

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