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Streamline talent acquisition and workforce management and retention with digital tools designed for today’s evolving job market – and workers. First Line Software can help you take advantage of the Digital Transformation that helps maximize human capital.

What Is HR Digital Transformation and Why Do You Need It?


HR Digital Transformation is critically essential in today’s world, especially in recruitment marketing. In the rapidly changing job market and heightened competition for exceptional talent, the effective use of digital tools allows for the reduction of time and resources expended on talent search and acquisition.


of employers think about increasing investment in recruitment technology.


of recruiting professionals say investing in new technology is the best way to improve recruiting performance.


of job seekers quit while filling out online job applications because of their length or complexity.

How We Can Help You

Talent Acquisition


  • Define and improve the Employee Journey Map
  • Automate recruitment process
  • Develop the Career Portal correlated with EVP
  • Setup the data-driven decision methodology

Workforce Management and Retention


  • Provide complex Employee Management solutions
  • Establish Corporate intranet
  • Implement Internal benefit portal and Idea Management tools

Focus Service


Turnkey Solution For Effective Recruitment

Ready to revolutionize your recruitment? Our all-in-one solution streamlines the hiring process with innovative software, from posting jobs to advanced resume analysis. Say goodbye to external agencies; build an in-house team for top-tier talent, scalability, and tech integration. We cover everything from recruitment marketing and proper tool selection to HR training, helping you craft a values-driven, industry-leading recruitment process. Embrace in-house excellence and self-sustained talent acquisition.

What we will do:

Define Acquisition Channels
Identify where your ideal candidates are and how to speak their language, whether in IT or construction management.

Prepare Customized Offers
Craft tailored offers that align with your company’s values and culture, ensuring candidates feel valued.

Create Effective Points of Contact
Streamline candidate interactions with a well-defined Employee Journey Map (EJM).

Develop the Career Portal Aligned with EVP
As an element of candidate engagement and a part of EVP (Employee Value Proposition) strategy.

Implement ATS + Data Analytics
Gain insights with our ATS and transparent metrics for data-driven hiring.

Train Your Recruitment Team
Empower your team with training to master the new tools, strategies, and workflows for successful recruitment.

Get Valuable Insights About Your Current Recruitment Process

How fully do you use digital solutions in your recruitment process? Assess your current state in the hands-on webinar.

Featured Case Studies

Modern Career Website Implementation

A new career web portal correlated with a new HR EVP. Combines clear and transparent process for applicants, all the information about the company, and modern UX/UI design based on employee journey maps. Build on a modern ‘design-driven’ platform that allows the HR team to maintain and make further changes with a ‘no-coding’ approach.

Recruitment Automation in Jira

Building and automating the hiring process using the Atlassian Jira tool, customizing and configuring the tool, and building smart staffing reports

End-to-End Recruitment Transformation: From Sourcing to Insights

A comprehensive project to overhaul online presence and talent acquisition strategy, which includes enhancing primary attraction channels, redesigning the career website to align with the new Employee Value Proposition (EVP), ensuring seamless integration with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and establishing a robust end-to-end analytics framework for precise monitoring and optimization of the hiring process.


Experimentation Approach Integration for the HR department of a Global IT company

Implementing the experimentation practice for the recruitment funnel of difficult positions. During the project were defined the bottlenecks in the current process, added valuable metrics, and provided recommendations regarding audience and reach-out tactics.

Corporate Portal

The client, experiencing rapid growth with a global workforce, required a corporate intranet to centralize information, streamline processes, and enhance communication among hundreds of employees worldwide.

Internal Benefits Portal 

The portal, integrated into the internal employee motivation program, lets employees redeem points earned from participating in corporate activities for company merchandise and partner discounts.

Idea Factory 

An idea-sharing platform empowers employees to suggest company and service improvements. A commission reviews and implements top-rated ideas, rewarding authors with points and company benefits.

Practice Leader


Liudmila Kosheleva is a Head of HR Digital in First Line Software with over 15 years of experience in technology and management roles. Mentor, coach, and founder of several HR initiatives and networks.


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