Performance Testing Accelerator Package

Fast performance testing service for start-up and scale-up companies.
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Launching or scaling any product inherently carries risks related to its quality. Companies invest significant resources in creating architecture, writing code, preparing infrastructure and conducting functional testing. However, in the initial stages, it is crucial to focus not only on a product’s functional testing but also on its application performance.

Due to the specialized nature of  performance testing, many companies  find it challenging to conduct preliminary performance tests due to a lack of expertise. In response to this need, First Line Software has created a specialized service for start-up and scale-up companies. Our team of experts is prepared to build a comprehensive environment for performance testing, facilitating consistent and in-depth evaluations of system performance.

If you have a product and

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Expect some load on production, but don’t have experience how to test it properly

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Don’t want to dedicate critical time of the development team to train new skills

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Crave to get the maximum capability of cloud or local storage

What are the benefits to businesses?

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Establish performance testing practices as an integral part of your software delivery process for continuous quality assurance of system performance.

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Save time and resources by leveraging specialized skills and experience required for performance testing, without the need for lengthy team training.

Train your team to conduct performance testing execution independently, without the need for external assistance.

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Ensure that with every release, the application is able to sustain the stated load, regardless of any changes in code or infrastructure.

  • Our standard performance service typically takes approximately 1 month to complete.
  • The standard cost of a typical project is $15,000.
  • The standard price and duration include the creation of 5-6 performance scripts, totaling up to 10 steps.
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  • If you need a more complex quality assurance work to be done, please refer to our QA Services section.

What deliverables will you receive

  • Customized performance environment: A fully tailored performance environment equipped with all the essential artefacts needed for every release. This includes performance scripts, generators, pipeline scripts, and monitoring tools.
  • Comprehensive performance report: An in-depth report detailing the results of the performance tests conducted. This report will highlight any issues identified and resolved, offer recommendations for performance enhancement and infrastructure optimization, and will be supported by numerous graphs, metrics, and data obtained during the tests.
  • Instructions and training: A training session designed to empower clients to utilize the solution independently in the future.

How you can help the project’s success

The First Line Software fast performance testing typically takes 3-4 weeks to yield first results. To ensure the project’s success, we need your specific support and input at the outset:

1. Access and hardware preparation.

To start the testing, please grant us access to the platform and ensure suitable hardware is available for the performance environment.

2. Development team support

We will need your development team’s support for our experts. This collaboration is essential to resolve potential issues during both the preparation and testing phases.

How does performance testing work?

Step 1. Analysis

First, our experts analyze the system to formulate a testing profile. This involves defining a standard set of user actions within the system. Additionally, we ensure that the complexity of the implementation aligns with selected testing approach.

Step 2. Preparation

During this phase, we create the scripts generated during the first stage. We document user actions. To ensure higher test quality we require access to prepared testing data,) such as authentication details for test users and other application-specific entities.

Step 3. Execute test & investigate failures

Once we’ve established a test start time, we execute the test based on the predetermined scenario, closely monitoring various business indicators in real-time.

Step 4. Reporting

After analyzing the collected data, we produce and deliver a concise report highlighting the primary test results.

Step 5. Training

Since the performance environment is reusable, our experts will compile a set of instructions and conduct a training session for the client’s team.

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