How Odoo Empowers E-Government for Child Benefit Applications

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Our client approached First Line Software aiming to optimize their child benefits application process via e-government using the Odoo platform. The e-government system automates and simplifies the procedure for citizens, making it more convenient and transparent.


Before incorporating Odoo, the application process was routinely time-consuming. Applicants had to visit government offices, fill out numerous paper forms, and wait for a lengthy application processing period. This led to delays in receiving assistance and negatively impacted satisfaction among citizens.


We suggested using the Odoo platform to develop a unified e-government portal where citizens can register, fill out a child benefit application, and track its progress. The system automatically saves applicants’ data, streamlining reapplications.

Application Process:

User Registration: Applicants register on the e-government website, providing their personal information and ID (JMBG) for future interactions. This allows for targeted communication and service offerings.

Form Completion: Users complete a simple form with the necessary information to request the benefit.

User Dashboard: A user dashboard is created alongside the Odoo account, providing an overview of personal information, application count, and application details (status, assignee, time, contact information).

Application Notification: The assigned agent receives an email about the new application.

Application Processing: The agent reviews the application and can add comments for the applicant via email. They can also change the application status, triggering automated notifications.

Government Processing: The government officials responsible for processing the request take over the application.

Application Completion Notification: Upon completion, the applicant receives a notification via email with instructions on how to obtain the benefit.


  • Citizen Convenience: Applicants can apply anytime, anywhere, using their computers or mobile devices.
  • Efficiency: Automated application processing reduces wait times and expedites assistance to needy families.
  • Transparency: Applicants can track the status of their application at every stage.
  • Cost Reduction: Eliminates manual form filling and application processing.

Additional Features

Odoo allows for automated notifications to relevant individuals or organizations based on application status changes, ensuring seamless collaboration and timely decision-making.

Odoo’s implementation significantly improved the child benefit application process, making it more convenient, efficient, and transparent—this enhanced citizen satisfaction and optimized government operations.

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