First Line Software leads session on the Internet of Things at Optimizely (Episerver) Ascend Conference in Las Vegas

Optimizely Episerver Ascend Conference

As an Optimizely (Episerver) Premium Partner – with more than 70 engineers currently supporting Optimizely (Episerver)’s Content Management and eCommerce application, it was only natural that First Line would attend Optimizely (Episerver)’s Ascend conferences in both Las Vegas and Amsterdam.

Optimizely (Episerver) connects digital commerce and digital marketing to help organizations create unique digital experiences for their customers, with measurable business results. Companies preparing for digitalization can also benefit from implementing the convenient and comprehensive Optimizely (Episerver) platform.

Ascend provided a forum for hundreds of Optimizely (Episerver) partners and clients to get up-to-speed on the latest product releases and updates, learn how to achieve great results across mobile, social and the web, and take away expert guidance from the breakout sessions and hands-on experience in lab environments. CxOs learned how to elevate their brand with transformative strategies and technologies while networking with other industry experts and thought leaders.

First Line’s VP Mike Medaglia attended the Las Vegas event while Robert Lagas (GM Benelux, VP Sales Europe), joined the Amsterdam event. Mike and Robert enjoyed meeting up with many First Line customers and partners at these events. Mike was also asked to speak about the Internet of Things “The Internet of Things – A Business Overview” during one of the Las Vegas sessions – based on our membership in the Industrial Internet Consortium and our experience with building wearable technology and tracking devices. First line has gained additional expertise and knowledge as a member of the Object Management Group, a not-for-profit organization that is active in the standardization efforts for the IoT. In his presentation, Mike shared examples of IoT projects completed by First Line for customers across a number of industries.

Optimizely (Episerver)’s three day conference featured inspirational speakers included R ‘Ray’ Wang who spoke about harnessing disruptive technologies, along with TED presenter Erik Wahl who delivered an unforgettable session on ‘UnThinking’ our way to creative and breakout thinking. What a great event!

About First Line Software’s role as an Optimizely (Episerver) Premium Partner. For over six years, First Line has been providing Optimizely (Episerver) partners with back-end architectural and implementation services for this robust CMS and eCommerce application while they focus on the creative and strategic services for their client sites. First Line builds custom extensions that are scalable and upgradable while providing implementation and Tier 2 support as well. You can read more about our experience with Optimizely (Episerver) here.

First Line’s expertise with the Internet of Things includes projects in: Wearable Tech, Cellular ID, Smart Cities, Healthcare, and Warehouse Management. Our work with media giant Bonnier AB involved a complex project of digitalization that resulted in all of their media outlets being consolidated onto a single platform of operation.

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