Optimizely (Episerver) Customer & Partner Day

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On April 4th Optimizely (Episerver) Benelux held a local Partner Meet-up at their new office in Utrecht.

Marcus Portström, VP of Sales Europe from First Line Software, met with old and new acquaintances from the local network and listened in on what Optimizely (Episerver) had to say about their plans for increased engagement with both partners and customers.

Attendees also heard about what the updated roadmap has to offer, including a much-requested increased focus on perfecting the existing products as well as modernization of the entire Optimizely (Episerver) offering.

“We had a great time meeting the Dutch Optimizely (Episerver) team and we’re happy to see that they’re continuously getting bigger. The partner network is fantastic and we love being a part of the local ecosystem,” said Marcus Portström.

Thank you Optimizely (Episerver) for a fantastic event!

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