First Line Software attended the Philips Healthworks Breakthrough Day

Philips Healthworks Breakthrough Day

On December 12th, First Line Software attended the Philips Healthworks Breakthrough Day in Eindhoven, Netherlands. This was the closing event for their global startup program, an intensive 12 week acceleration program designed to help entrepreneurs and startups build, test, de-risk and scale their health technology ideas.

This year’s startup program, including Breakthrough Day focused on AI in Healthcare – specifically Radiology, Ultrasound and Oncology, and featured startups, which had been participating with the Philips Healthworks startup platform. AI is used to make improvements to internal processes that help make them more efficient. It can also help with predicting diseases, making decisions, and analyzing patient data.

Attendees at the event included clinicians, investors, and hospital professionals as well as alumni from previous Philips startup programs. First Line has an established healthcare IT practice where they develop global healthcare solutions – including those with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) component. During the event, it was important to establish new relationships that will lead to collaboration on the development of new solutions designed to improve patient treatment. 

Several Philips Healthworks executives were featured on the program, including Head of Strategy, Marketing and Operations Darren Adams and Jeroen Tas, Chief Strategy and Innovation office of Royal Philips. Dr. Adam Landman, who is CIO of Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in Boston, a First Line client, shared practical insights about AI in Healthcare via video conference. During the second half of the event, startups that participated in the acceleration program made pitches about their technology solutions to investors.

Throughout the day everyone was talking about impact of AI in Healthcare. VP Business Development at First Line Software commented: “Digitalization is changing processes in every industry. For companies that are automating existing processes without optimizing them, it means they are missing an opportunity for digitalization. The same applies to healthcare.”

To learn more about First Line’s wide variety of expertise in healthcare IT, visit our healthcare IT practice page.

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